Disney Cruise Announces Singapore As Their First Southeast Asian Home Port. Deets Here!

by Shreya Rathod
Disney Cruise Announces Singapore As Their First Southeast Asian Home Port. Deets Here!

Disney is a world apart! As kids, we all have watched and wished to step into the magical world of Disney. From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to DuckTales, there is not a single show that we didn’t watch. But the most amazing and thrilling part was when we got to experience the magic of Disney World — especially the Disney Cruise! And this magical world is completing 100 years. On this joyous occasion, they have decided to make Singapore their first Southeast Asian home port. Here’s everything you need to know about this massive port of Disney.

Singapore: Southeast Asian Home Port

Disney is marking its 100th anniversary in 2023. And to celebrate this joyous occasion, they are planning to undergo massive expansion — new ships to travel destinations worldwide. Currently, five cruise ships are working in places including the Caribbean, Australia and Europe.

But most importantly, due to a five-year agreement signed between Singapore Tourism Board and Disney Cruise Line, the latter has decided to make Singapore its first Southeast Asian Home Port, specifically Marina Bay Cruise Centre. As for the cruise to be introduced, it will work on green methanol and low-emission fuels to limit the emission of gases.

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In addition to this, the cruise will host 6,000 passengers along with 2,300 crew members. With Disney-themed restaurants, interactive theatre shows and Disney kid clubs, this ship will be painted in Mickey Mouse red!

Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Cruise Line is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company and an entertainment model that offers a magical experience. The cruise line has five ships — Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Wish. And they are planning to introduce three new ships — one of them being Disney Treasure!

This is exciting news for all Disney lovers. Moreover, the new ship’s theme is an adventure and will pay homage to Agrabah. As for their global secret, the ship will be ported to Singapore.

Disney is definitely expanding its reach and trying to get everyone involved in this beautiful kingdom.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line/ Facebook