Ditch Goa And Explore These 7 White Sand Beaches Of Gujarat

by Suchismita Pal
Ditch Goa And Explore These 7 White Sand Beaches Of Gujarat

When we think about some popular beach destinations in India, Goa definitely comes first in our minds. Exploring the shores of Goa has become quite mainstream among the beach lovers nowadays, and there’s always a friend who has already ended up narrating a Goa trip in detail to us. Through stories, hundreds of social media posts and more, even the ones who haven’t visited the beach state know a lot about it. Such is the popularity of the place now. In case you want to be different, you can easily ditch the well-renowned beaches of Goa for some offbeat white sand beaches of Gujarat. To help you plan better, here’s a curation of 7 such beaches:

1. Mandvi Beach

Mandvi Beach in the Kutch district of Gujarat gives a surreal view during sunsets, with the soft white sands gently mingling into the vast Arabian Sea. The beach is studded with a line-up of windmills, which aggravate the beauty of its vistas. Apart from soaking the eyes into the scenic beauty, one can enjoy a plethora of activities on this beach like horse ride, camel ride and rock climbing. Meanwhile, here are 5 reasons why you should explore Rann of Kutch over America’s Bonneville Salt flats.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: Mandvi The King of Kutch

2. Dwarka Beach

Dwarka Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Gujarat, known for the nearby Dwarkadheesh temple and a vast number of marine lives. Mesmerising creatures like urchins, sea turtles, octopus, dolphins and jellyfishes can be spotted here. The beach is also known for activities like camel rides and scuba diving.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: Gujarat Tourism

3. Okha Madhi Beach

The pristine beach of Okha Madhi is located 25 kilometres away from Dwarka and falls on the route from Dwarka to Jamnagar. It is a prominent turtle breeding centre and is also famous for water sports. Okha Madhi is isolated and is thus profoundly clean and tranquil. The site is quite secluded and there are hardly any shops on the beach. So, it is better to carry food and other necessities along while visiting this beach.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: Trawell

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4. Miyani Beach

The secluded beach of Miyani is situated at a distance of around 36 kilometres from Porbandar. There are many splendid temples near the Miyani Beach like the Kirti temple, Sudama temple, Brahma temple and Harsiddhi temple. The Miyani village is at a walking distance from the beach.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: OneIndia Gujarati

5. Ghogla Beach

The clean water beach is nestled in the Ghogla village, nearly 15 kilometres from the Diu town. It is one of the most spectacular beaches in the Diu Daman district. Tourists can also take part in fun activities like parasailing, banana boat and surfing at this virgin beach.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: Travel Notes

6. Gomtimata Beach

Gomtimata Beach is another striking beach in the Diu and Daman district perfect for a peaceful stroll. By the magnificent coastline, sits the beautiful Gomti Mata Temple dedicated to Devi Gomti. Fishermen often visit the beach and the sight of their boats gliding through the clear blue waters is quite common here. It is also known as Vanakbara Beach, as it is located in the Vanakbara village.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: India.com

7. Chorwad Beach

The picturesque beach lies by the quiet fishing hamlet of Chorwad near Somnath. One of the breathtaking attractions on the route to Chorwad Beach is the Junagadh Fort. Tourists can also enjoy horse riding on the Chorwad Beach. However, there are some places with sinking sands on the beach ( Chorwad means sinking sand in the local language). So, one needs to be careful.

White Sand Beaches Gujarat
Picture Credits: RailYatri Blog

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So, once it’s safe to travel, don’t forget to explore these hidden gems of Gujarat to satiate the wanderlust in you. Meanwhile, did you know about the mini Gujarat of London?