Does Eating Jackfruit Help Improve Eye Health?

Do you enjoy eating jackfruit or hate its pungent smell? 

by Shreya Ghosh
Does Eating Jackfruit Help Improve Eye Health?

People have a love-hate relationship with jackfruit. While there are foodies who truly enjoy and relish every bite of this summer-seasonal fruit, there are many who absolutely hate its strong pungent smell. Which team are you in? Well, whether it suits our palate or not, we cannot deny its rich nutrient content. It is time to add this fruit to our diets and here’s why.

Dietitian Explained The Health Benefits Of Jackfruit

Taking to X, Dietitian Shweta J Panchal | The Diet Therapy (@dt.shwetashahpanchal) shared why this seasonal fruit needs to be on our diet in the summers.

Known as an excellent source of vitamin A, jackfruit is exceptionally beneficial for eye health. Dietitian Shweta shared how it can also help in preventing the risk of degeneration of the retina. We spend a major part of our day in front of digital screens, be it mobile, laptops, or computers. It is so important to not only provide rest to the eyes from time to time but also be protective of their health. And when we have jackfruit to solve such issues, it looks like a good idea to not care about the smell and consume it.

Jackfruit is also known for its copper content and it focuses on the functioning of thyroid hormones. Shweta suggested people suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism have jackfruits. Having a good amount of dietary fibre and protein, surely is a great addition to the diet.

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Other Benefits Of This Fruit:

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  • Jackfruit is clearly the jack of all trades and also the master of all. For the high content of calcium and potassium, it can help strengthen bones.
  • This summer fruit is also beneficial for adding antioxidants to our bodies.
  • Also, this is great for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory reasons.

If you do not like the taste and smell of jackfruit, it is a good idea to cook curry using the unripe one. Unripe jackfruits are easily available in the market and the curry made with some potatoes and Indian spices tastes delicious. Bengalis love relishing this dish by adding some fried prawns to it.

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Do you enjoy eating this fruit?

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