Don Julio Tequila, The Mexican Jewel, Debuts In India; Get Your Hands On The Beauty Right Away

Join the celebration of 81 years of excellence as each sip embodies the vibrant spirit and heritage of Mexico.

by Mallika Khurana
Don Julio Tequila, The Mexican Jewel, Debuts In India; Get Your Hands On The Beauty Right Away

Picture a landscape where the sun-kissed fields of Jalisco, Mexico, cradle a secret—an ancient plant called agave, revered for centuries by artisans who turn its essence into liquid gold. Imagine this mystique—this centuries-old craftsmanship bottled and brought to life in the heart of India, as Don Julio Tequila makes its grand debut. Step into this world of unparalleled luxury and exquisite taste, courtesy of Diageo, the world’s leading alcobev company. 

Don Julio Tequila Makes A Grand Entrance In India

Harsh Varrdhan
Photo Credits: Press Release

Picture a vibrant celebration bringing alive the legacy of this Mexican extravaganza, attended by the crème de la crème of the film, fashion, music, and art fraternity. The high-decibel launch parties in Gurgaon and Mumbai were ablaze with the presence of luminaries like Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor, Nia Sharma, and Pooja Gor. Everyone in attendance revelled in the brilliance of an evening that truly encapsulated the essence of Don Julio and its rich Mexican heritage.

The legend of Don Julio dates back to 1942, when a visionary, Don Julio Gonzalez, founded his first tequila distillery, La Primavera, in the Jaliscan Highlands of Mexico. His commitment to crafting the finest tequila was unmatched. Picture him traversing the agave fields, meticulously caring for each plant, almost considering them his children. He saw beyond a crop; the agave was a canvas for his expertise, balancing flavours from each piña with a precision that defined excellence.

Fast forward to today, and over three generations of Jimador families have relentlessly continued Don Julio’s legacy. Their mastery of planting, farming, and harvesting agave is unmatched. They meticulously handpick and hand-cut the agave, ensuring that each step maintains the exceptional quality that defines Don Julio.

Get A Taste Of Mexican Excellence

Photo Credits: Don Julio Tequila/Instagram

In a country experiencing a surge in luxury consumption, the arrival of Don Julio in India speaks volumes. The portfolio includes the Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and the iconic Don Julio 1942. Each variant is a testament to craftsmanship and flavour innovation. The Blanco, perfect for cocktails like palomas and margaritas, embodies vibrant citrus hints.

The Reposado offers a mellow yet elegant mix of citrus and spice notes with a touch of ripe stone fruit. The complex Anejo blend tantalises with lime, grapefruit, mandarin, and caramel. And then, there’s the pinnacle of luxury, the Don Julio 1942, a rich symphony of caramel, chocolate, tropical fruit, warm oak, vanilla, and roasted agave—a true homage to its founder.

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Enjoy This Dance Of Agave Mastery

Photo Credits: Don Julio Tequila/Instagram

Shweta Jain, the Chief Business Development Officer of Diageo India, encapsulates the essence perfectly. She says, “Tiera de Don Julio is not just the vibrant world of Tequila; it’s a love letter to the Mexican culture.” This isn’t just a drink. It’s an essential companion at gatherings, a symbol of vibrancy, and a testament to new experiences.

As it marks 81 years of excellence, Don Julio sets the stage for sensational evenings. It certainly brings the vibrancy of Mexico to every pour. With its unparalleled artistry and unwavering commitment to quality, this tequila stands tall. It is a beacon of Mexican excellence in the world of spirits. 

Cheers to the spirit of luxury and a taste of Mexico’s finest!


Don Julio Blanco and Reposado are already available in the markets (Haryana, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Goa), while Anejo and 1942 will be available on December 18, 2023.

Price of all the packs:

Haryana –

  • Don Julio Blanco ₹6500 at retail approximately.
  • Don Julio Reposado ₹8500 at retail approximately.

Maharashtra –

  • Don Julio Blanco ₹9350 at retail approximately.
  • Don Julio Reposado ₹10450 at retail approximately.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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