Dubai Athlete Sets World Record By Rowing For 50 Hours With 6 Mins Sleep

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Athlete Sets World Record By Rowing For 50 Hours With 6 Mins Sleep

We have heard about ample world record-breaking moments. A recent one occurred in Dubai. A Dubai athlete set a new world record for the longest continuous row and collected over AED25,000 for charity. By doing so, he was able to raise a significant sum of money for a primary school in northern Tanzania. Sean Burgess rowed 421,954 metres.

Dubai Athlete Snatches Staggering World Record

The Dubai athlete covered the above-mentioned distance in a 50-hour and 17-minute marathon. If you don’t understand, simply add a bit more time than it takes to get from Dubai to the Saudi border. He slept for six minutes throughout the record-breaking row, despite weariness, mental fog, and hallucinations.

He left on Friday at 8:30 a.m., which is the equivalent of ten marathons in a row. The thrill of breaking the 50-hour milestone after a three-day endeavour was immediately replaced by extreme exhaustion. Mr Burgess caught two minutes on the first night and four on the second. Clearly, sleep deprivation was the biggest problem he encountered during the task.
Mr Burgess’ friends celebrated and encouraged him as he accomplished the challenge at The Physical Training Company in Al Quoz on Sunday at 10:47 a.m.

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Burgess Is Eyeing Next Records Already

The Dubai Athlete crashed within five mins after enjoying a conversation with fans and media after the record-breaking moment. His body couldn’t handle the pressure and lack of sleep. But Sean’s hunger for more such record-breaking moments persists. He is already planning to jump to another challenge later this year. The next thing on his mind is to finish rowing 1 million-metre. He will have to beat the existing record of five days and eight hours to accomplish it.

His name might sound a bit familiar. It’s because he’s not a new member of the record-breaking world achievements. Last year, he walked across all seven UAE emirates in 7 days to extract donations for Uganda’s needy children.

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