Dubai Court Introduces New System, Lifts Travel Ban For Divorced Parents; Details Inside

Here’s what you need to know about new guidelines & streamline the travel process.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Court Introduces New System, Lifts Travel Ban For Divorced Parents; Details Inside

Dubai has recently introduced streamlined regulations aimed at easing international travel for divorced parents and their children, simplifying administrative procedures and promoting family unity under the D33 Social Agenda.

Simplifying Travel for Divorced Parents In The UAE

The new rules implemented by Dubai Courts represent a significant departure from the previous bureaucratic hurdles faced by divorced parents planning overseas trips with their children. This initiative underscores Dubai’s commitment to enhancing community well-being and happiness.

Comparing The Rules

Old Rules:

Required complex bureaucratic procedures.
Needed the guardian’s approval, causing delays.
Increased psychological stress for guardians.
This could lead to missed educational or medical opportunities for children.

New Rules:

Simplified with an electronic application through Dubai Courts’ digital portal.
Quick and accurate review by authorities for swift approvals.
Provides greater peace of mind for guardians and children.
Includes additional security measures to ensure child safety during travel.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Family Park
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The revised procedures prioritise the safety and security of children, with applications undergoing thorough scrutiny to mitigate potential risks associated with international travel. By facilitating prompt approvals, Dubai aims to uphold children’s rights to education and healthcare, thereby fostering a supportive environment for families.

Dubai’s overarching vision encompasses the promotion of family happiness, the provision of superior housing and healthcare standards, and the advancement of a robust educational framework aligned with future aspirations. The revised travel regulations reflect Dubai’s dedication to cultivating a tolerant society rooted in national identity while upholding global benchmarks of safety and efficiency.

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Impact and Benefits

The implementation of these updated rules brings several benefits to divorced parents and their children in Dubai:

Accessibility: The electronic application system provides a user-friendly platform for guardians to apply for travel permits conveniently.

Efficiency: Swift approvals ensure that travel plans are not disrupted, allowing families to plan their trips with confidence and certainty.


With the implementation of these updated rules, Dubai seeks to strengthen familial bonds and enhance the well-being of divorced parents and their children. By simplifying administrative procedures, Dubai underscores its progressive governance approach, ensuring that families can navigate international travel with confidence and ease, ultimately promoting greater harmony and unity within the community.

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