Dubai Creates Fake Rain With Drones To Help People Deal With Scorching Hot 50°C Heat

Dubai Fake Rain
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 2577

Whenever the temperatures soar above tolerable limits, we long for some splashes of rain to cool off our souls, don’t we? And now as Dubai is witnessing temperatures higher than 50°C, the National Center of Meteorology in UAE came up with a smart solution to beat the heat. As reported by Daily Mail, experts have created rainfall similar to monsoon downpours with a mechanism known as cloud seeding, by employing drone technology. The clouds are subjected to electric shocks and then they clump together to produce the rains.


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Dubai Gets Rainfall Prompted By Cloud-Seeding Mechanism

UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology and media organisations shared videos of the fake rain on social media handles that are leaving the netizens surprised. From the videos, it seems that the monsoon has arrived for real in Dubai. The rainfall has been prompted by the mechanism of cloud seeding.

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The Process Is Chemical-Free And Eco-Friendly

As reported by The Independent, the UAE had invested in 9 artificial rain-producing projects in the year 2017. With the cloud seeding technology, the drones charge the clouds with electricity which force the water droplets to come down as rain. Also, it is a chemical-free method and thus eco-friendly. The strong winds, the lightning and thunder and blurry roads even created tough driving conditions in Dubai. Also, yellow weather warnings have been given in several parts of the nation where the technology has been employed. The drone technology has resulted in more rains in the country that receives an average rainfall of just around 100 mm every year. This proves that the cloud seeding effort has been an outstanding success.


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