UAE Is The Second Best Country In The World For Migration

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Is The Second Best Country In The World For Migration

The housing market in the United Arab Emirates appears to be on the mend. There’s an observable robust resurgence in demand. This might be the result, fueled by rising oil prices. Or you can say strengthening economic conditions, and considerable overseas interest. Hence it was no surprise when UAE sat atop the newly launched new real estate index.

UAE Ranks Second On List Of Best Countries To Migrate

The UAE rated excellent for rental revenue potential. The real estate prices per square metre are cheaper compared to major international cities. So if you consider secondary residence in Dubai it’s promising.

UAE developed into a peaceful society where people coexist in harmony and experience a unique peace that is unconstrained by fictitious borders as a nation that is run on the principle of tolerance.

One local even replied to the tweet by declaring that the UAE would win the competition the next time—that is the true spirit of our country! Emirates is one of the safest nations to live in. Employment circumstances are favourable. A healthy economy, and advancements in renewable energy, have prompted foreign nationals to invest in real estate. Several government efforts come into effect to improve livability and encourage residency through investment schemes. The UAE is well known to have a raised standard of living. The sub-factors like rental income and salability are debatable.

Why You Should Consider Emirates For Secondary Residence?

Dubai is hot right now. And it’s the best time to hit the hammer. So if you are looking for a secondary residence or citizenship then this is it. For better understanding refer to the new index i.e. the first-of-its-kind metric. Firstly it provides greater clarity about scores. Also, it compares programme options globally based on over 30 parameters and over 300 data points.

Parameters Of Secondary Residence Spot Includes-

  1. Reputation and Quality of life in the host country
  2. GDP
  3. Minimum real estate investment amount
  4. Potential rental income
  5. Associated property costs
  6. Application processing efficiency
  7. Real estate holding period
  8. Residence requirements
  9. Any restrictions
  10. Saleability
  11. Crypto-friendliness

Europe Has Secured The Top Five Ranks

With 82 points, the UAE leads the ranking. Spain trail with (80.7), Montenegro (77.2), Turkey (76.5), and Portugal (76.5). (75.8). The top ten include Thailand, Greece, Grenada, Cyprus, and Dominica.