Dubai Expo City’s Famous Garden In The Sky Is Closed For A Few Days; Here’s Why

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Expo City’s Famous Garden In The Sky Is Closed For A Few Days; Here’s Why

Expo City is one of the most popular places in Dubai. As this landmark has turned into a hub for a lot of things, it’s no secret that it attracts people from across the UAE and the world. From its much-talked-about sustainable commitments to world-class infrastructure. This neighbourhood is undoubtedly one of the most happening places to see in Dubai. However, the popular garden here is currently closed, as mentioned in a post tweeted by Expo City Dubai. And we are here to give you the reason why!

Garden In The Sky In Expo City Currently Closed

In a recent post by Expo City Dubai on Twitter, it was announced that the insanely popular Garden In The Sky is currently closed for routine maintenance. The tweet mentioned that this closure will stay in place till May 31, which happens to be a Wednesday. For those who aren’t away, Garden In The Sky is a breathtaking observation tower! It lifts visitors at a height of 55 metres above the ground, which gives them sweeping views of the city! In fact, the upper deck is lined with trees while the tower’s base has a beaming light that makes it glow at night. As it happens, it’s located in the Jubilee District and a ride costs AED30 with free entries for children below the age of two years and for people of determination.

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What Else To Do In Expo City?

Expo city pavillion
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Coming to the Expo City, this is a hub for education, entertainment, innovation, and sustainability. This neighbourhood is expected to have 5 km of running track, several outdoor spaces, and 10 km of bike track in the near future. Not to mention, the hub will also have a shopping mall nearby soon. It is expected that this mall will house over 190 retail and food and beverage outlets that will leave people spoilt for choice. So if you had plans to visit during this time, you can still have a great time as there are many things to do in Expo City. You can visit Tera – The Sustainability, Pavilion, The Expo City Mosque, Alif – The Mobility Pavilion, or even visit Around The World.

So, keep these dates in mind before planning a visit to the expo city.

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