Dubai’s First Non-Alcoholic Bar Offers Drinks Where Everything Mimics The Taste Of Alcohol

by Ishita Agarwal
Dubai’s First Non-Alcoholic Bar Offers Drinks Where Everything Mimics The Taste Of Alcohol

Can you imagine going to a Non-Alcoholic Bar In Dubai? Yes, this is possible. We are talking about the NoLo Dubai! It is the first alcohol-free bar in Dubai and is an exciting blend of healthy and enjoyable elements. The bar has a lively vibe because it combines music, city views, discussion, and the clink of drinks. When happy hour starts, the drinks start flowing. NoLo provides the same atmosphere but without the booze. Instead, they serve artisan 0% cocktails that are imaginative and well-mixed—excited to know more? Read on! 

Stunning Interiors For A Fun, Sober Night 

NoLo’s 240 square metres of snug nooks and crannies are ideal for sampling the bar’s traditional and creative drinks but be warned: none of them has any alcoholic content. It’s simple to lose time while sipping on artisanal cocktails among the dim lighting, colourful velvet-clad chairs, wrought-iron chandeliers, architraves, greeneries, and jazz music with a mix of soul and hip groups and dating couples engrossed in animated conversation. The best part is that it is the first Non-Alcoholic Bar In Dubai. 

Okay, now the good times can start rolling. Come try one of their carefully crafted mocktails and awaken your taste buds. 


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Enjoy Drinks At The First Non-Alcoholic Bar In Dubai

NoLo highlights tasty non-alcoholic cocktails that the bold and sagacious may enjoy instead of alcoholic ones. Fresh drinks made with health and moderation in mind are the speciality of this trendy new bar. You must try their Smoked Honeycomb Old Fashion, Amore Sparkling Champagne and Sicilian Spritz. 

NoLo, the trend-setter that always seems to be one step ahead of the curve in Dubai, is reinventing the cocktail culture of the city’s streets and introducing a hip new atmosphere to the trendy 24th St. neighbourhood in the process. This is when your hangover and your memory start to go away. And welcome to a healthier lifestyle with fewer negative social repercussions. 

  • Opening hours: 17:00 to 01:00
  • Location: Dusit Thani, 24th Floor, Dubai 



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