Dubai International Airport Now Has The World’s Largest PCR Testing Lab

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 329

The UAE has always been ahead in containing the pandemic and how! From urging residents to get inoculated to organizing vaccination drives in schools, the country has left no stone unturned in upping its game. And now, the country has taken things a notch higher. Why you ask? Well,  Dubai airport will soon boast the world’s largest lab for processing Covid-19 RT PCR tests. How cool is that!

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The Lab Will Process Up to 100,000 Samples Per Day & Provide Results In A Few Hours

The new lab will be located close to Terminal 2 and will span 20,000 sq. ft. The lab will provide round the clock facility in processing RT-PCR test samples collected from passengers arriving at DXB. The lab uses latest WHO-standard Covid-19 RT-PCR testing equipment, and can process up to 100,000 samples per day. Results will be provided within a few hours.

Besides, the lab is also equipped with negative and positive pressure rooms and is directly linked to the govenerment, in order to ensure safety and easy transfer of information from the airlines. Speaking about the new lab, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Dubai Airports, said: “As the world’s busiest international hub preparing for a surge in passenger traffic over the summer holidays and beyond, we were keen to make sure that the airport journey is safer, smoother and faster while fulfilling the required health protocols.”

The UAE Has Administered 121 Vaccine Doses Per 100 People

A latest report revealed by New York Times shows UAE on the top spot, leaving behind Israel, Bahrain and many other countries. Since its nationwide inoculation drive in December 2020, the UAE has administered more than 11.9 million doses of the vaccine.

The daily dosage of vaccine in the UAE exceed 100,000 and on Friday May 21, an additional 122,001 doses of the vaccine were administered. The country recently approved Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds. Emergency use of Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine for kids aged 12-15 is approved by the Ministry of health. The approval is in line with the nation’s effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus and protect this age group. The vaccine was recently cleared for use in adolescents between 12 and 15 in the US after a trial declared it safe and effective. Hence, UAE too has approved the same for the kids.

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According to NCEMA, over 75% of the population who are eligible for the vaccine and above 16 years of age, received the vaccine. In terms of the vaccine, UAE has successfully provided more than 11 million vaccine doses to its citizens and residents. The country also aims to vaccinate all eligible adults by the end of 2021. And now, lowering the age for receiving a jab will allow the nation to protect all the citizens, including kids.

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The UAE, in January, gave a nod to the usage of vaccine for teenagers aged 16 and above before that anyone aged 18 or below was not allowed to take a jab. However, now with everyone over the age of 12 allowed to take the vaccine, UAE will soon fulfil the mission of vaccinating its entire population with a free vaccination drive, which was rolled out last year.

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