Dubai Is Recovering From The Worst Rainfall; Here’s All That Has Happened In The Past Few Days

After facing massive flooding, Dubai is finally bouncing back! Here's a report on what has happened in past few days.

by Shreya Rathod
Dubai Is Recovering From The Worst Rainfall; Here’s All That Has Happened In The Past Few Days

The city of Dubai experienced unprecedented heavy rainfall, resulting in flooding. However, the city is bouncing back from the worst downpour. In fact, images and videos of the flood-ravaged Dubai streets shocked the entire world. Here’s what happened in Dubai for the past few days.

Dubai Is Recovering From The Heavy Rainfall

Two days after the record-breaking storm, Dubai was confronted with the daunting challenge of cleaning its flooded roads and drying out its house flooding. Major transport hub Dubai International Airport was having trouble clearing a backlog of aircraft, while several roadways remained under water.

In the seventy-five years that records have been kept, the United Arab Emirates experienced the greatest rainfall. Residents were trapped by the flooding in their homes, offices, and cars. Many people reported leaks in their houses, and footage of water flowing from mall rooftops was shared on social media. Even after public transit services were restored, traffic in Dubai remained backed up.

Heavy traffic was created by road closures, detours, and partially inundated roads; some drivers attempted to avoid flooded sections by driving towards oncoming traffic. However, the city is bouncing back and opening several transport services.

Cloud Seeding Not The Reason For Heavy Downpours

The United Arab Emirates has been using cloud seeding for decades to improve water availability and precipitation. In essence, this is launching particles into clouds in an attempt to precipitate rain or snow by causing the liquid to condense into larger, heavier droplets.

Many countries have experimented with cloud seeding and other rain-enhancement techniques. Research indicates that these activities can, at most, have a negligible impact on precipitation — sufficient to increase a downpour, but probably not enough to turn a drizzle into a deluge.

Omar Al Yazeedi, a representative of the National Centre of Meteorology in the United Arab Emirates, informed media outlets this week that no seeding was done by the organisation during the most recent storms. 

Scientists have reported that climate change may be the cause of this heavy rainfall. Month after month, the world is experiencing heat waves never before seen. 2023 being the hottest year on record worldwide!

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Researchers have discovered that higher temperatures cause more evaporation. It has led to more frequent and powerful storms like the one that struck Dubai. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Daniel Feldman/ X (formerly, Twitter)

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