Dubai Municipality Is Imprinting Sandy Surprises To Spread Awareness Among Emiratis. Check Deets Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Municipality Is Imprinting Sandy Surprises To Spread Awareness Among Emiratis.  Check Deets Inside!

Dubai Municipality administers a fantastic city that offers everything essential to prosperity and sustainable life. And now in order to increase the lined efforts to protect the environment of Dubai, the authorities have been decorating public spots to spread awareness. Dubai beachgoers can look forward to a sandy surprise when they roll to the shore. Dubai Municipality has been making big roller print awareness messages on the sand of Dubai beaches.

An Artistic Take On Daily Awareness Reminder In Dubai

A video posted online by the Dubai Municipality shows the inscriptions being stamped on the beach using a big cylinder with unique grooves.

Numerous sites specifically beaches in the emirate have the texts or pictorial representations printed on them every day.

The authority is making an effort to fulfil its aim of providing great services by using themes that range from artwork to slogans.

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Eco-Friendly Measures By Dubai Municipality

Pic Creds: Canva

The Dubai Municipality has always supported wholesome and sustainable growth in all spheres.  It has worked and is continually trying to keep environmental conservation and socioeconomic development in harmony. It has been declared and included in the long-term vision that the government’s goal is to turn Dubai into a smart city with a sustainable economy. The city aims to be the most environmentally friendly in the entire world. Building their own entirely sustainable cities is likewise a goal of the other Emirates.

A long-term national initiative in the UAE to foster a green economy includes green building and green communities. Urban growth that is sustainable comes with a lot of challenges. The officials are working on numerous strategies. The list includes urban planning, transportation infrastructure, quality of life, and renewable energy utilisation.

This was an overall guide to modern urbanisation toward sustainability in Dubai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Dubai Municipality