Dubai Municipality Is Opening A Free Walking Trail At Mushrif National Park This June

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai Municipality Is Opening A Free Walking Trail At Mushrif National Park This June

There are many exciting things to do in Dubai, no matter where your interest may lie. From visiting a crocodile park to Dubai Mall for all the branded clothes that will leave the shopaholic in you spoilt for choice. And now, there is a new attraction coming in the emirate that you need to bookmark. It is especially suited for people who like to be in the outdoors. If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about the decision of the Dubai Municipality to open a free hiking trail in Dubai this month. Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming trail.

Dubai Municipality To Open A Free Hiking Trail

Dubai Municipality took to their official Twitter account to announce about the opening of a new hiking trail in Dubai. Yes, with a length of 9.7 km, this trail is going to be located in Mushrif National Park and will be open to the public on June 20. The hallmark of this route is going to be the fact that it’s going to be a first of its kind in Dubai. Yes, according to a report by the National News, it was mentioned that this trail will have 8.3 km of the yellow recreational track while there will be 1.4 km of orange sports course. The latter will be perfectly suited for skilled athletes with a higher level of fitness and endurance. It must be noted that the hiking path has several signages to guide people, wooden stairways, and even bridges crossing the bike tracks, rest areas, and slopes.

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What Are The Highlights Of The New Trail?

Pic credits: Canva

The report also mentioned that the trail will operate on one system. Moreover, the municipality has also put a variety of guidelines in place for visitors. These must be followed by the hikers while using the tracks for utmost safety. From having a phone in case of an emergency to carrying sufficient drinking water and wearing proper clothing and footwear, athletes must have all the safety tools for hiking. As it happens, children aged between 12 and 15 years are also allowed to use the tracks, however, they must be accompanied by an adult.

At this point, it should be mentioned that this national park already has a 50 km stand bike track! Moreover, starting a fire, cooking, camping, smoking, and staying overnight in the forest is not allowed, and hikers must walk in the direction of trail and stay on the designated track for their safety.

With the track opening soon for the public, would you want to check it out with your fellow fitness enthusiast friend?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/dmunicipality