Dubai To Get The World’s First Underwater Floating Mosque In 2024; Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
Dubai To Get The World’s First Underwater Floating Mosque In 2024; Details Inside

Walking through a mosque leaves a person feeling so much serenity that they tend to forget about the problems and hardships of their lives. While there are several mosques around the world varying in size, with some being the tallest to others having the largest prayer hall, these sacred places, indeed hold a special place in the hearts of every Muslim. And now, Dubai is soon going to see a unique underwater floating mosque, which is also going to be a first in the world.

Dubai To Get The World’s First Underwater Floating Mosque

With the advent of the year 2024, Dubai is going to see a floating mosque that will be built at the Dubai Water Canal by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department of the emirate. According to a report by the National News, it was revealed that it is going to take around AED55 million to build this unique mosque, which will have a prayer hall under the water. The megaproject is not just going to drive religious tourism ahead, it is also going to be one of the most prized jewels in the city. Talking about the mosque, there will be three floors out of which the prayer hall will be submerged in the water with the capacity of holding 50 to 70 worshippers at a time.

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What Are Some Of The Highlights Of This Mosque?

Dubai Marina
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With the floating Mosque expected to be an important attraction in the emirate once it is built, people can walk into the mosque to either pray or even see the underwater prayer hall. Talking about the two floors above the water level, they will include a hall for workshops and Islamic lectures. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that while this mosque will be open to people of all faiths, they will be asked to dress modestly and act in accordance with Islamic customs. Not to mention, women will be expected to wear a dress that covers their head and shoulders.

This report comes after it was earlier announced that Bur Dubai is going to have the world’s first fully functional 3-D printed mosque. Spread across 2000 m², the construction for this mosque is set to begin in October. So, once the building structure is 3-D printed, it will take approximately 12 months to fully fit it out using appropriate facilities. And when it will be ready, the mosque will be open for 600 worshippers early in 2025.

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