Dubai’s Biggest Croissant & Coffee Combo Is Here & We Are Running To This Café!

coffee and croissant
by Deeplata Garde

What would save you on a hectic day of work? A buttered croissant and coffee work for me. And to our surprise, we found a gem located in Dubai that will satiate our cravings for once. Instead of repeating the coffee cups or the croissant how about you order a Grande? This place is in Downtown Dubai and is offering a giant coffee and croissant.

One Coffee And Croissant To Go Please!

This charming new indigenous location is a must-visit thanks to its all-day snacks, Instagrammable décor, and regional coffee. Having coffee and a croissant is the newest fashion in Europe, and it has now arrived. We are so happy it did because it’s the ideal, caffeine-rich treat for photos! A combo lunch is offered at this Bohemian Cafe.


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The cup holds around 4 litres of cappuccino, plenty for 8 coffee aficionados or one person to have a lunchtime pick-me-up. The combination must be reserved two days in advance and costs AED 290. Will you accept the challenge to purchase this combo and complete it by yourself?

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What Else Can We Try?


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The two-story cafe has a fresh, inviting appearance that seems airy and bright. The interiors are filled with real, lush plants and decorations that will make the ideal Instagram photo and turn the space into a lush green setting.

It’s a warm haven in the centre of the city with an earthy colour scheme, wooden interiors, and lots of plants. The best part is that there is plenty of inside sitting as well as outdoor dining options, which is ideal for taking advantage of the lovely weather.

There is something for everyone on the BohoX menu, which includes selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is a wide selection of vegan and healthful foods, nourishing salads, and detox juices for people who want to eat clean.

BohoX places a high focus on its coffee culture, and while you satisfy your caffeine craving, you’ll also be helping out local roasters that get their beans straight from the growers. The hand-selected menu items and the beverage menu both proudly showcase locally produced ingredients and seek to promote regional craftspeople.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/BohoX