Travel For FREE Between DXB And DWC

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Travel For FREE Between DXB And DWC

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DXB’s Southern runway will be closed temporarily from 16 April – 30 May. Meanwhile, authorities have arranged a free airport shuttle service between DXB and DWC, every 30 minutes until the end of May.

What’s It?

Travel bugs listen up! In case you have travel plans from Dubai this April-May, you may want to re-check your flights with your airlines. Dubai International Airport’s Southern runway will be shut for 45 days (from 16 April – 30 May) for further upgrades. Meanwhile, the second airport in town- Dubai World Central (DWC) also called the Al Maktoum International Airport will witness a whopping 700% increase in passenger flights.

In order to make the transition smooth, airport authorities have arranged a free shuttle service between DXB and Al Maktoum International Airport. The shuttle service will run every 30 minutes, until the end of May.

National carrier Emirates has already announced that it will reduce the flight operations by 25%, along with canceling and rescheduling a few other flights. Meanwhile, the airline also  has some major announcement for their passengers:

  1. Arrive to the airport at least three in advance
  2. Passengers can check in at the airpott 24 hours ahead of departure
  3. Online check in can be done 48 hours- 90 minutes ahead of departure
  4. Gates for short hauls will be open for 75 minutes
  5. Gates for flights departing to USA will be open for 120 minutes
Credits: Flydubai
Credits: Flydubai

Also, budget carrier FlyDubai has already announced that it will operate 39 of its flights from DWC. In addition, flights to Addis Ababa, Abha, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Colombo, Cochin, Delhi, Gassim, Gizan, Ha’il, Hyderabad, Isfahan, Karachi, Lucknow, Lar, Faisalabad, Chennai, Medinah, Mashhad, Multan, Najaf, Riyadh, Istanbul, Sialkot, Shiraz, Ta’if, Thiruvananthapuram, and Tabuk will also fly out from DWC.

Flights to Amman, Bahrain, Beirut, Dammam, Alexandria, Jeddah, Kabul, Khartoum, Kuwait, and Muscat will be functional from both DWC and DXB. All other FlyDubai flights will continue operating from DXB.

Speaking about the upgrading work, airport authorities said that the renovation aims to boost safety, service and capacity levels of the runway.

Meanwhile, DXB recently got a brand new look and it has a lot of exciting things rolled in for its travelers. Not just that, passengers coming to Dubai will soon be screened for vitals while they pass through the smart gates, equipped with thermal cameras. 

What Else?

This is not the first time DXB runway is getting a facelift. Back in 2014, the northern runway was closed for 80 days and the renovation apparently cost Emirates $467 million on its revenue.