Dynamite Shrimps Go Desi At This Restaurant In Dubai

  • Address : Meena Bazaar
  • Date & Time : 8 AM- 11 PM
  • Contact : 800 4767
  • Cost : AED 12- AED 15

On the move, and in need of a quick bite? So what do you pick up? Move over the good old fast food and the traditional Kathi rolls. At Paratha N Roll, a.k.a PNR, there is a variety of rolls to choose from. And what makes these rolls like no other? It’s the incredible fusion they offer with the fillings that make us feel like we had a fine and complete meal.

shakshouka roll

Rolls at Paratha n Roll

One of the best options of their rolls is the Dynamite Shrimps Rolls that combine the fine Asian flavors with the street food of India.

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What Is It?

Paratha n Rolls offers an exciting and delectable variety of street food. From Black Pepper Tofu roll to a Chicken 65 roll, there is so much variety on offer for vegetarians and non-veg fans alike! But what has caught our eye (or shall we say tongue…)? It’s the Dynamite Shrimp Roll.

Dynamite shrimp

Dynamite Shrimp Rolls

Dynamite Shrimps are a popular Asian preparation that combines the famed Asian spices with a creamy textured base. The crunch of fried Shrimps and the burst of spices in the mouth makes it a trendy appetizer or a side dish in Asian Restaurants. And at PNR, they wrap it up for you in a paratha for an on-the-go bite all for AED 15 only! One bite of the Dynamite Paratha Roll, and you know this one is sure to become a favorite affordable food buy to indulge in!

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What Else?

Besides an array of Paratha Rolls, the restaurant, as the name suggests, also offers a wide variety of Parathas too. From Indo Italian Chicken Paratha ( AED 18) to Pav Bhaji and Cheese Paratha (AED 15), there is plenty of option for Veg and Non-Veg fans alike! There’s a lot of innovative combination of Parathas and unconventional fillings waiting to be tried out here. And at affordable rates too!


Parathas n Rolls

But besides the Parathas n Rolls, at PNR, there is a selection of curries and sandwiches on offer too! So no matter what your food of the day is, PNR has it when it comes to Desi fusion cuisine.

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Where: Meena Bazaar
When: 8 AM- 11 PM
Price: AED 12- AED 15
Contact: 800 4767

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