Eastern Railway Coaches Are Lit By Lights And Revamped With Art, Here Is A Glimpse

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Eastern Railway Coaches Are Lit By Lights And Revamped With Art, Here Is A Glimpse

Indian Railways is making sure to put in every effort they can to make passengers’ travel experience a memorable one. From coming up with digital services to increasing frequency during the festive season, no stone is left unturned. With the same thought, Eastern Railway went a step ahead. It revamped its coaches with bright lights and modern art. Here is a glimpse of the same for you.

Eastern Railway Coaches Are Revamped

Eastern Railway added a dash of pop and colour to their regular, dual-tone coaches by launching a coach facelift initiative. Under this initiative, the coaches are painted with handmade artwork. To make the visual a lot more appealing, they have also put up bright and colourful lights on the coaches.

The Ministry of Railways proudly displayed the redesigned Eastern Railway face on its official Twitter handle. The caption spoke about how the revamp is focused on uplifting passengers’ travel experiences. The initiative was taken by the Sealdah Division of the Eastern Railway. The regional art forms and murals painted inside the coaches depict different stories.

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Not All Netizens Welcomed This Facelift

The 34-second video shared by the Ministry of Railways has by far garnered about 26.7K views and about 1,063 likes. The video got shared and retweeted as soon as it was posted. Many people liked the idea and appreciated the efforts taken by the railroads to elevate the travel experience.

But not everyone on the Internet welcomed this initiative. There were many hate comments on the post where people thought that this was a complete waste of money. Some people thought that the idea was good, but maybe they could have hired better artists for this work. Few people said that instead of this, they could have worked on improving the quality of the coaches.

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Pic credits: @minstryofrailways/Twitter

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Cover Image Courtesy: @minstryofrailways/Twitter