7 Easy Indian Desserts To Make At Home This Diwali To Get Festive Feels In The UAE

by Anupriya Mishra
7 Easy Indian Desserts To Make At Home This Diwali To Get Festive Feels In The UAE

While Diwali is regarded as the Festival of Lights, it’s certainly a great occasion for families to come together. And, there are many people who might get homesick during the festive season, especially if they’re living far from home. But, this is not going to happen on our watch! To ensure you get all the festive feels in the UAE, we’re here with a list of some easy Indian desserts that you’d want to make at home. Not to mention, you’ll also be saving some precious Dirhams for Diwali shopping! So, let’s dive right into this sweet list without any delay.

Easy Indian Desserts To Make At Home

1. Shahi Tukda

One of the most celebrated chefs in India, Chef Ranveer Brar talks about the history of the sweet treat while walking you down the steps. Revealing some absolutely cool tricks, the recipe for shahi tukda is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to make a fancy Indian dessert at home. Not to mention, it’s also the perfect ending for delicious Diwali dinners, which you might be planning to host for your loved ones.

2. Gajar Halwa

AKA Sweet Carrot Pudding is hands down one of the most famous and comforting sweet treats in India in winter. As it’s the season of carrots, this warm dessert is just the perfect way to relax on a chilly winter day. So, can there be anything better than gajar halwa to relish on Diwali? The method of preparation revealed by Cooking With Chef Ashok is quite amazing, especially if you’re looking for a recipe that doesn’t use khoya.

3. Kheer

One of the easiest and the most popular Indian desserts has to be kheer. Every household has its own recipe, but the basic ingredients are often the same. And while this is a relatively simpler dish, achieving the right consistency can often be a challenge for a few people. So, this recipe by Kabita’s Kitchen lets you reach the right consistency of the dessert, by walking you through the exact recipe and method of preparation. You might want to follow her step-by-step, to ensure you have just the right result.

4. Rasgulla

There’s something absolutely tempting about gorging on sweet and spongy rasgullas at home. While this dessert looks quite intimidating, it’s pretty easy to make at home. The best part about the recipe is that it uses just a handful of ingredients, with the basic ingredient just being cow’s milk. This recipe by Masala Kitchen clearly mentions the way milk has to be cooled to get the right kind of sponginess!

5. Gulab Jamun

This is a suji gulab jamun recipe, which is just the perfect treat for those who like syrup desserts. Bharatzkitchen HINDI walks you through the recipe and important pointers that you might want to keep in mind. He has also listed some of the most common mistakes that people when preparing this recipe at home.

6. Kaju Katli

A recipe by Kabita’s Kitchen, you will want to follow this recipe, especially if you’re on a strict budget, as this is a budget-friendly recipe. Using easy-to-find ingredients, she has given some important directions throughout their recipe video. So, you will want to keep these things in mind if you wish to achieve picture-perfect results. Not to mention, the preparation time is just 60 mins, so, it’s pretty quick, when making at home.

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7. Besan Laddoo

This recipe by Honest Kitchen is definitely the one for you, if you want restaurant-like laddoos at home. The best part about this recipe is that the final result looks quite similar to the ones available at sweet shops. Yes, these laddoos don’t have the dense and smooth finish that often happens when making them at home. Throughout the video, he gives several tips and tricks that you will want to keep in mind to save some time.

So, go ahead and treat your loved ones to some homemade sweet treats, this Diwali!

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