Egyptians Are Struggling to Afford Food This Ramadan

by Shreya Ghosh
Egyptians Are Struggling to Afford Food This Ramadan

The entire world is dealing with inflation and the rise in prices of so many things. This is turning out to be a major problem and struggle for lakhs of people in different corners of the world. In this time of Ramadan celebrations for Muslims from around the world, many Egyptians are going through a difficult phase at the moment. They are facing financial hardship and it is now a struggle for many to even buy food during this festival.

Egyptians Are Struggling To Afford Food During Ramadan

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With such an inflated market, the prices of most essentials and necessities have increased to a huge extent in Egypt. The prices for basic food items seem unaffordable now. Muslims who are celebrating Ramadan need iftar to break their fast during the ongoing Ramadan. Unfortunately, many Egyptians are finding it impossible to afford the food and follow the rituals of celebrations. This is not about affording any lavish meal, instead, it is becoming a huge issue to simply buy some basic food and break their fast.

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Many reports are even stating that the price of the foods eaten during iftar has skyrocketed by a huge margin of 50 per cent in many places in Egypt. With a similar earning as before, it is certainly tough to buy products from the market at such an expensive rate.

Many Egyptians Are Unable To Provide Enough To Buy The Basic Things For Everyday

With this immense inflation and the collapsing economy, the financial condition in Egypt is worsening continuously. According to a report by LiveMint, the inflation crossed 32 per cent back in March with the highest food inflation of 62 per cent in recent times. The country is experiencing record inflation at the moment with a high cost of living.

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The country is home to a huge population whose earning is below the poverty line. These families are going through a harsh time and are struggling to purchase things for themselves. They are very much dependent on government benefits and non-profit organisation to get access to as much as possible.

Egypt is at a crucial moment in time and people are going through a lot to sustain themselves.

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