Elderly Couple Miss Connecting Flight To Mumbai After IndiGo ‘Forgets’ Them At Istanbul Airport

by Tooba Shaikh

Travelling is a hassle as it is. You have to worry about a slew of things in addition to dealing with anxiety-induced worries about missing a flight. It is all the more worrying when someone you know who is old or ailing or both are travelling. An incident that recently occurred with an elderly couple is every person’s nightmare. An elderly couple, one of whom was wheelchair-bound, were left stranded at the Istanbul airport after IndiGo ‘forgot’ them.

Elderly Couple Miss Connecting Flight After IndiGo ‘Forgot’ Them


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This incident is every person’s worst fear brought to life while travelling. An elderly couple, Rajesh Shah, who is 64 years old, and Rashmi Shah, who is 59 years old, began their journey from London to Mumbai.

They had a connecting flight at the Istanbul Airport that would take them to Mumbai and they arrived there on schedule as per their travel itinerary. It is worth noting that Rajesh is bound to a wheelchair, the couple is vegetarian and needs medical attention.

According to an article recently published by The Times Of India, the couple were made to wait at the boarding gate. Rashmi repeatedly inquired about their flight at the gate but they were told to sit patiently. Finally, after a few hours, they were informed that their flight had already taken off,

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Airline Responds To The Incident


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Their daughter, Richa Shah, managed to contact someone from the IndiGo helpline. The helpline arranged for a flight the next day to Mumbai. They were thus forced to spend 24 hours at an airport where the staff spoke mostly Turkish with a loaf of bread.

The incident left them harrowed. The airline, in a statement, said that they were aware of the incident and that it was a result of a human error by their Turkish ground staff at the airport. They said that the incident was regrettable and that they sincerely apologise for it.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons