UAE’s First Electric Aircraft To Hit Skies In October

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE’s First Electric Aircraft To Hit Skies In October

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Forget flying taxis! Soon, Dubai will give you the opportunity to fly electric planes, thanks to the new initiative by The Academy of Technical Training.

What’s It?

Soon, you can travel in electric planes in Dubai, thanks to The Academy of Technical Training. Electric planes will hit the skies in October this year and if you’re lucky, you might also get a chance to fly them. 

The Academy of Technical Training has now confirmed that individuals as young as 14-years old can get a license to fly an electric powered plane, starting October. Individuals will, however, get the permit only after completing a course or flight training at the Flight Club in Ghantoot. 


Students will get to learn the nuances of flying an aircraft. In fact, for this purpose, the Academy has specially designed an aircraft called the Alpha Electro. Manufactured in Slovenia and priced at a whopping AED 400,000 the aircraft can fly at a speed of 180 kilometres per hour for over one and a half hours, at an altitude of 13,000 feet. And if you’re wondering about safety, you can be assured because Alpha has undergone prior tests in the USA, UAE and Germany. 

Lahej Saif Al Falasi, chairman of ATT said: “The aircraft is completely safe, with zero [carbon dioxide] emissions and minimum noise,” he said. “It is really a source of pride to see creative Emiratis contributing to the service of humanity by bringing what was once perceived as science fiction into reality.”

What Else?

Meanwhile, starting this July, you can spot Drone Taxis (EHang-184) filling up the UAE skies. The egg-shaped aircraft is well equipped with four legs, and two propellers. And lastly, soon you can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes. A hyperloop connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be launched in 2020. The loop can seat about 10 people in each pod and is estimated to take 10,000 passengers per hour to and from Dubai.