Elephant Gorges On Pani Puri In Assam; Proves Everyone Loves Pani Puri

by Sanmita A
Elephant Gorges On Pani Puri In Assam; Proves Everyone Loves Pani Puri

Pani puri is loved by almost every Indian. We are naturally inclined towards trying this snack wherever we crave a flavourful bite. In fact, not only humans, even animals are enjoying these delicious snacks on the streets in India. We recently spotted the video of an elephant eating Pani Puri in Assam’s Tezpur town. Assam is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna. Read on to know more about the incident.

Elephant Eats Pani Puri In Assam

Assam has endless interesting stories when it comes to rhinos and elephants. If you are visiting Assam’s cities, you will surely spot elephants moving on the streets of Guwahati or any other Assam city. Previously, a video cropped up on the Internet where an elephant moved around a school campus. After that, an elephant was also spotted moving and pushing a car just like a toy. Now, a video of an elephant eating Pani Puri like us has been spotted in Tezpur town. Take a look:


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Netizens Reacting To Elephant Eating On Snacks

Social users called this elephant gorging on Pani Puri the best thing to be seen on the Internet. Netizens found this video super adorable. And a few were telling that the elephant would need at least 600 puris to satisfy itself. The video of the elephant got people thinking how crazy it looked, but it was super cute. Basically, Pani Puri is a beloved snack for both humans and animals.

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