Viral Video: Elephant Plays With Car Like Toy, Pushes It Around In Guwahati

by Sanmita A
Viral Video: Elephant Plays With Car Like Toy, Pushes It Around In Guwahati

There are tons of videos on the Internet where animals are seen doing things — which we obviously find crazy. One such video that surfaced on the Internet is of an elephant pushing a car. The incident was reported from Guwahati’s Narengi Cantonment area. These gentle giants are obviously known for their sensitive nature, however, they can be quite aggressive. This viral video of an elephant pushing a car was shared by Susanta Nanda, an IFS officer. He wrote, ‘Toys-the gentle giants play with☺️☺️From Assam. Refugees in their own land.’ Read more insights on elephant visits in this Guwahati area.

Elephant Visits In Assam: The Gentle Giants Push Cars, Visit Schools & Enter Weekly Markets

Narengi area in Guwahati is known for frequent elephant visits. Every other day one can spot these gentle giants taking walks, exploring the local weekly markets in search of food or for instance, pushing a car, as in this video. Before this video, an elephant was spotted inside the Army Public School, Narengi. The animal casually walked through the corridors of the school. Later, the elephant came out of the school building after savouring some food. Although, it had to wiggle its way out of the building.

Take a look:

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Frequent Elephant Visits In Guwahati: Are We Encroaching Their Area?

People from the Narengi area, as well as students in the Narengi Cantonment area, frequently share their stories of animal visits. Students from KV Narengi, also tell how they see elephants visiting their school premises, or walking on the school ground every other day, While, this may wow many of us, it also raises questions about how humans are taking over animals’ lands.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter@susantananda3