Viral Video: Tamil Nadu Forest Officials Offer Shade To A Sleeping Baby Elephant

by Sanmita A
Viral Video: Tamil Nadu Forest Officials Offer Shade To A Sleeping Baby Elephant

The internet can be a weird place at times – but there is no denying that it is also full of cute videos. Baby videos, pet videos, animal videos and everything that can melt our hearts. Recently, a video from Tamil Nadu cropped up on the internet, winning hearts. It is of a baby elephant resting while a Tamil Nadu forest official holds an umbrella to give shade to the resting baby. Take a look at this heartwarming video shared by Supriya Sahu, IAS, on Twitter –

Baby Elephant In A Tamil Nadu Forest Rests As Forest Officials Provide Shade

The baby elephant can be seen resting while forest officials hold an umbrella to protect it from the scorching sun. The forest officials in this Tamil Nadu forest were looking for its mother and trying to unite them both. It was then that the forest officials made this cute video of the baby elephant resting. Sahu shared the video on Twitter and wrote, ‘Sharing this heartwarming video where you can see #TNForesters providing shade to the sleeping baby elephant during their successful efforts to unite the baby with her mother. Their compassion, care and thoughtfullness made the entire effort worthwhile. #TNForest’

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Netizens Mesmerised By The Adorable Video

The snippet garnered a lot of reaction from people on the internet. And well, we can totally understand why this adorable video is grabbing people’s attention. After acts of kindness towards animals never go unnoticed. Here’s all what users think about this adorable baby jumbo’s resting video –

So sweet of him. Kindly post the other part of the thread Supriya ,if you have it. It wud be nice to see the baby uniting with her mum.

That’s why that little cutie was following them without any fear.

Adorable act to the little one… Humans r sometimes unpredictable… Loved this video Officer

On the other hand, a few of the demanded video of the mom & kid reuniting too.

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