Emily In Paris Effect! Tourists Are Thronging To This Square In Paris; Top Things To Do There!

by Tejashee Kashyap
Emily In Paris Effect! Tourists Are Thronging To This Square In Paris; Top Things To Do There!

Love it or hate it, Netflix’s popular Emily In Paris gave all of us a slice of Paris. Glamorous shots over the Seine, meeting friends at Jardin du Palais Royal or Café de L’Homme with the Eiffel Tower shining in the backdrop, reaffirms the magnificence of Paris. All of these locations made it possible to live life like ‘Emily In Paris’. The recent influx of tourists, however, has shocked the residents of certain quiet localities. One such example is the Place de l’Estrapade.

Tracing Emily In Paris At Place de l’Estrapade

Emily In Paris
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Once a quiet, tucked-in spot to relax, Place de l’Estrapade is now seeing a huge influx of tourists. It was the same building where Emily Cooper, portrayed by Lily Collins, lives, dines, and savours French pastries from the local bakery. However, the newfound attention has raised concerns among people who live and work here.

But the popularity of Emily In Paris cannot be dismissed so much that even anti-Emily graffiti has become part of tourist attractions. However, it definitely has helped and catapulted more customers at the nearby cafes and diners. But, there’s more to Place de l’Estrapade than just the connection of Emily In Paris.

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What Is It About Place de l’Estrapade?

The picturesque Place de l’Estrapade located in the heart of the historic Latin Quarter is where Emily and Chef Gabriel reside.  The locality boasts its very own sparkling fountain, bookstore, several restaurants and cafes.

However, there is a dark past related to this location.  It is named after a form of torture used on the site during the Renaissance times. Today, the square is a quiet and tranquil place, filled with benches and it’s the perfect spot to sit for a while to read a good book or simply stop and watch the world go by.


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So, if you happened to be in Place de l’Estrapade someday, these are famous eateries and cafes to visit, inspired by Emily In  Paris:

  • Boulangerie Moderne: This is the very same bakery from where Emily buys her first pain au chocolat and gets her first taste of the buttery, chocolate-filled pastry, after which she becomes a regular customer. If you have a particularly sweet tooth, Boulangerie Moderne must not be missed.
  • Terra Nera: We need drumrolls for this place! This is the place where Emily finds her love interest, Gabriel. Called Les Deux Compères in the series, Terra Nera is actually a delightful Italian restaurant.
  • If nothing else,  Place de l’Estrapade has the apartment where Emily and Gabriel resided. It’s definitely an Instagram-worthy space now.

Let us know if Place de l’Estrapade is interesting enough to be on your bucket list.

Cover image credits: Netflix Media Centre