Enjoy Your Movie ‘Distraction-Free’ In Vox Cinemas Now

by Saniya
Enjoy Your Movie ‘Distraction-Free’ In Vox Cinemas Now

Vox Cinemas is rolling out an exciting new feature to give cinema-goers a distraction-free experience. Movie-lovers will now be able to enjoy their movie without the disturbance of ringing phones or chattering co watchers.

What’s It?

(Source: Vox Cinemas)

Mobiles phones have been a constant in the hands of most people these days. With some vigorously tapping on their screens, while others are attending those business calls; phones don’t leave folks alone for a second these days. While sometimes it is a necessity, they can quickly become a nuisance at public places like cinema halls.

To ensure cinema-goers can immerse themselves entirely in the cinematic experience, Vox has got us a one-of-its-kind solution. By introducing ‘Distraction-Free’ Screenings, Vox Cinema aims to tune out all the distractions from your theatres.

For now, the experience is rolling out only in Mall of the Emirates. But, there will be many new additional features coming in along with multiple location screenings.

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How Will It Work?

Vox Cinema primarily aims to offer this service to people interested in signing up for switching off their phones or putting it on silent. Additionally, with a policy of ‘no late-comers‘, they seek to ensure you don’t have any late arrivers disturbing your experience.

Vox Cinemas (Source: Facebook)

However, their ninja-like staff members are going to ensure that the rule is followed. Anyone not complying with these rules will be asked to leave. But of course, you can take that urgent call and be back into the cinema hall.

Remember we told you earlier about no more crying babies disturbing your cinematic experience? So, these ‘disturbance-free screenings’ are going to be kid-free. That is, it’s an experience limited to an audience of 18+, regardless of the film’s rating.

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The Vox Cinema website has already added the Distraction-Free Experience onto its catalog.

You can book your tickets here. For More Info read here.