Etihad Rail Announces One More Bridge Completion In Just 13 Months; Deets Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Etihad Rail Announces One More Bridge Completion In Just 13 Months; Deets Inside!

Etihad Rail has been building bridges to connect the cities around in a jiffy. Many crucial bridges have been built and the new one announced took only 13 months to stand. The new bridge is on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road which is one of the main highways of the capital city of UAE. Let’s find out more about this new bridge, a part of Etihad Rail.

Al Watbha Bridge Was Built By Etihad Rail

A key bridge that spans one of Abu Dhabi’s busiest roadways recently featured in a photograph posted by Etihad Rail.

The Al Wathba bridge, a crucial component of the UAE’s rail network’s infrastructure, permits trains to cross the E22 Abu Dhabi – Al Ain highway.

They utilised approximately 10,000 cubic metres of concrete, 3,500 tonnes of steel reinforcement, and numerous concrete beams in the construction of the bridge, which tweeted the photograph on its social media accounts on Friday.

In 2009, Etihad Rail came into existence. In order to transport sulphur from gas fields in Shah and Habshan to Ruwais Port, the first goods line in Abu Dhabi opened its doors in 2016.

The network presently covers roughly 900km, and when finished, it should be 1,200km long.

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Multiple Connectivity Within Abu Dhabi

It is just one of the numerous important bridges on the UAE-wide network, including the 600-meter Al Bithnah structure near Fujairah, the Al Qudra bridge in Dubai, and the maritime bridge that allows trains to reach the Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi.

All seven significant logistical hubs and the freight network are presently connected by the network. The connection has been operational since February.

The operator’s fleet of 1,082 waggons, which allows for goods trains to go at up to 120 kph, can transport anything from building supplies to shipping containers.

Earlier this week, Etihad Rail unveiled a video of a goods train traversing the nation. By traversing tunnels and bridges, the train highlighted the extensive size of the network.

According to Etihad Rail, the freight network will move 20 million tonnes of cargo this year. It will increase to 60 million tonnes by 2030.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Etihad Rail