EU: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Over 520 Indian Products; Why Is Ethylene Oxide Harmful?

The food safety authorities in the European Union found some shocking information about many Indian food items.

by Shreya Ghosh
EU: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Over 520 Indian Products; Why Is Ethylene Oxide Harmful?

Endless conversations and debates are going on about the presence of cancer-causing chemicals, ethylene oxide in several Indian products. The news that broke out with only a couple of items produced by brands in India has now escalated much further and is indeed turning out to be a scary report. In the past few years, the European Union has reportedly found about 527 products linked to our country that have cancer-causing chemicals.

What Did The European Union Exactly Find Out?

Ethylene Oxide
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You might have read some news and reports about a few reputed brands famous all around India having products with ethylene oxide in them. It has been some time since major chaos regarding this subject started everywhere. Finding something alarming and harmful as cancer-causing elements in our food items is probably one of the most horrifying news to come across.

The food safety authorities in the European Union worked on this from September 2020 to April 2024. In this study of about 3.5 years, they unveiled some shocking details and found out that cancer-causing chemicals are present in about 527 food items and ingredients linked to India, according to a report by Times Now News. The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed has revealed the necessary information about this alarming matter. It mentioned that herbs, nuts, spices, diet-specific food items, sesame seeds, spices, and more fall into the long list of 527 products.

The European Food Safety Authority found traces of ethylene oxide in many items in India. Sadly, concerned departments did not take necessary action to stop and ban the use of this chemical. However, some products with this chemical have already been banned in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Why Is Ethylene Oxide Considered Hazardous?

Ethylene Oxide
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This colourless flammable chemical is found in a gaseous state and used as a pesticide. Also, one of its uses is as a sterilising agent while used in lesser quantities. Acute exposure to it can be harmful as it may result in vomiting, headaches, respiratory issues, lung problems, and nausea. On the other hand, long-time exposure has the chance to cause cancer, neurotoxicity, reproduction issues, and more.

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Be very careful of what you are eating!

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