Europe’s Corendon Airlines Will Have A ‘No Kids Zone’ In Long Distance Flights! Here’s Why.

only adult zone flights
by Shreya Rathod

Did you ever have to sit beside a passenger with a child who was continuously screaming? Or were you in a situation where your child’s screaming seemed to disturb other flight passengers? A terrific option has been developed by Europe’s Corendon Airlines to aid customers in having a smooth journey. It has started a project that will have significant space for adults-only sitting on one of its main routes. Which means they will be ‘no kids’ zone in flights!

Europe’s Corendon Airlines To Have “No Kids” Zone In Flights!

only adult zone flights

Credits: Wikimedia

According to rumours, Europe’s Corendon Airlines will operate the 10-hour flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curacao with the no-kids section. For the privilege of sitting in the Only Adult area, those who choose this choice will pay an extra $49 for a normal seat or $100 for an XL seat.

According to reports, the Airbus A350-900 that will be travelling on the mentioned route will have 93 normal seats and 9 extra-large seats in its first 12 rows. The seats will be curtained off from the rest of the aircraft. Additionally, keep in mind that this project will have a rigorous over-16s regulation, which means that only individuals who are 16 or older will be permitted to use this service.

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A Quiet Area In The Flight

only adult zone flights

Credits: Wikimedia

In response, the airline released a press release stating that the area is intended for passengers travelling without children. And for business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment. It also added that it would benefit parents of young children who might worry less about upsetting other passengers.

As a result of this programme, parents will feel a little less stressed if their small ones start making noise and bothering other passengers. In fact, flights with the Only Adult zone will begin on November 3.

AirAsia X reportedly offered quiet zones on its flights, with admission restricted to children under 10. Singapore’s carrier Scoot reportedly created Scoot-in-Silence zones for those over 12. Additionally, other airlines that had adopted similar programmes in recent years.

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Other well-known airlines operating on the same route have added that they do not have any plans to add adult-only areas to their flights.

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