From Delays to Noisy People, This Study Sheds Light On What Frustrates Passengers On Flights

by Shreya Ghosh
From Delays to Noisy People, This Study Sheds Light On What Frustrates Passengers On Flights

Catching flights and heading to new destinations may seem like a glorious journey but flight rides often come with a set of setbacks. Be it noisy co-passengers or behaviour of others or even long delays, there are so many inconveniences that can impact flyers’ travel plans. There are endless reasons for such experiences and Agoda recently released a survey specifying about the biggest causes behind passengers’ frustration and having bumps in the journey.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Agoda’s Recent Survey

Passengers On Flights
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The digital travel platform released the Travel Bugbears Survey 2023 recently which focuses on the annoyances, obstacles, and grievances passengers usually face while travelling on a flight. To conduct the survey and complete the research, Agoda covered 10 markets all around Asia and India is present on the list. It revealed how even the most convenient journeys also sometimes lead to harsh experiences and highlighted the reasons for that.

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According to the findings of Agoda’s Travel Bugbears Survey 2023, discourteous invasion of passengers’ personal space is the biggest reason for in-flight frustrations. According to Agoda’s press release, discourteous invasion of personal space is even considered the number one pet peeve for passengers. The problem of invading one’s personal space affects flyers from South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand the most. They find it offensive when someone enters their arm-rest areas. Also, foul smells from feet and bodily noises often offend them.

In-Flight Frustrations For Indian Respondents Are:

Passengers On Flights
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India is undoubtedly home to some of the busiest airports. Lakhs of passengers catch flights from different airports each and every day and many of them unfortunately face inconvenient experiences en route. The Travel Bugbears Survey by Agoda highlights the in-flight frustrations of Indian travellers.

  • The top reason for in-flight frustration is long flight delays.
  • In the second rank, both noisy passengers and discourteous behaviour tie.
  • Arm rest war is the third-ranked reason for the source of irritation.

In-Flight Frustrations For Passengers Across Asia Pacific Are:

Passengers On Flights
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  • Discourteous invasion of personal space
  • Flight delays
  • Noisy and overly chatty co-passengers

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Australian and Malaysian travellers find the inconveniences of loud noises as the least sensitive. On the other hand, passengers from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan prefer peaceful journeys.

Which of these inconveniences affect your air travel experiences?

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