Europe’s Gourmet Chefs & Chocolatiers Flock To Kerala’s Wayanad To Get The Best Spices

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy949

India truly is the land of spices. So, till date, it’s interesting to note that celebrated European gourmet chefs and chocolatiers flock all the way to Kerala’s Wayanad to procure the best spices. Oliver Roellinger, one of the world’s top French chefs visits Vanamoolika, in Wayanad to order ripened red berries. Vanamoolika is a charitable organisation that specialised in the conservation and organic cultivation of medicinal plants. The search for the perfect spices that exuberate micro tastes takes leading food experts from across the world to Wayanad in Kerala. Read more to find out.

Wayanad: An Abode Of Spices

The organisation Vanamoolika came into limelight after it supplied spices to a distiller in Ireland for preparing the ‘Maharani’ Gin.  This 30-year old charity’s manufacturing unit employs an all-women staff. It sources organically grown spices and ingredients. This includes coffee, rice and spices. It then supplies these to gourmet chefs and restaurants in Europe according to TOI. In fact, the three-Michelin star chef, Oliver Roellinger even named the black peppercorn of the Neelamundi variety as one of his favourite items to take to a desert.

Picture Credits: TOI

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Swiss Firm Approached Wayanad For Chilli To Prepare Spicy Chocolates

A Swiss firm that supplies chocolate liquor to manufacturing units also approached Vanamoolika for a specific type of chilli. PG Chackochan, the founder and MD of the charity informed TOI about the incident. Chackochan found the hottest chilli available and sent it to the Swiss firm. They wanted to use this chilli in their chocolates as it gives the product micro-tastes apart from the spiciness. Interestingly, Ooty in Tamil Nadu has India’s first Chocolate Museum. 

Picture Credits: TOI

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Over the years, Wayanad’s spices have been exported to the UK, Germany and France. Vanamoolika’s turmeric, clove, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, long pepper, holy basil and rice varieties have found fans in various European countries. With chocolatiers and gourmet chefs visiting Wayanad, truly India is the land of spices. Meanwhile, check out this video below to find out why Kerala emerged as the top trending destination globally. 

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