Even After Receiving Praises From DGCA, Bangalore’s Only Flying School Is Staring At A Closure?

bangalore flying school
by Shreya Rathod

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) officials have given the facility their highest commendation after inspecting it on Monday. Bangalore’s only flying school, which was restored last year after numerous closures, was the city’s only one. DGCA’s comments come as the school, which is located on the route to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) is once again on the verge of closing.

Will Bangalore’s Only Flying School Close Again?

bangalore flying school

Credits: Govt Flying Training School, Bangalore/ Facebook

According to sources, the government-run Jakkur flying training school was deemed to be state-of-the-art by the DGCA, with a few minor exceptions. The regulatory authority was pleased with the new aircraft, redesigned hangar, and repaired runway but dissatisfied that they were not being utilised to their full potential.

During the audit, an annual practice, a lack of manpower was the main complaint raised. The state government still hasn’t hired a replacement for the chief aircraft maintenance engineer, who resigned from his position over a month ago. As per a Deccan Herald, a DGCA official stated that the flying activity has come to a halt as no aircraft can be put to use without the engineer’s consent.

The audit team also discovered that the simulator’s power back was broken, but the administrators insisted that this was not a serious problem. The team was generally satisfied with the school, which is among the oldest in the nation, but it frequently faced the threat of closure because of its enviable position, which has slowed the growth of the real estate industry.

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The flying school, which is housed inside the 214-acre Jakkur airport, will survive thanks to the DGCA’s positive feedback, according to top government officials.

Real Estate Developers Voiced Their Opposition To Restart The Institute

bangalore flying school

Credits: Govt Flying Training School, Bangalore/ Facebook

The only government-run flying institute in Karnataka, the training school, is the target of a new attempt to shut it down. If it is shut down, no candidate from a low-income household will ever be able to pursue a career as a pilot, according to the officials.

Developers of real estate have voiced opposition to restarting the flying training facility in Jakkur. Their main issue is the five-kilometre height restriction of 45 metres around the school. Around a dozen units received notifications from the BBMP for height violations when the school was reopened last year.

A well-known builder claimed that the government’s haphazard thinking is leading to confusion and fear among builders. Last year, the flying school reopened without having a licence. Because of nearby buildings that have already risen, the builder is being fined.

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According to him, the government ought to move the school to a less populous city.

Cover Image Courtesy: Govt Flying Training School, Bangalore/ Facebook

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