6 Father’s Day Gifting Ideas For Dads Who Love To Travel

by Suchismita Pal
6 Father’s Day Gifting Ideas For Dads Who Love To Travel

We do not need any specific day to make our fathers feel that they are special to us. We can make them feel special any day and every day. But still, on the day dedicated to them, we should reward them for the selfless compromises they make for us. And if your dad happens to be a travel enthusiast who is missing going places now, you can actually lift up his spirit with some super cool gifts, which he will need for his future travels. We’ve made a list of 6 such amazing gifting ideas for all leisure travel dads:

1. Gorilla Tripod

Travelling always involves capturing pictures and videos. To make things easier for your traveller dad, you can gift him a flexible and portable Gorilla tripod, on which both phones and cameras can be fixed. Let you father bring back some mind-boggling photographs and videos from his next trip.


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2. A Pair Of Sunglasses

A sleek pair of sunglasses will not only make your dad look fashionable but will also protect his eyes from the sun. It will let him rove through shorelines, mountains and cityscapes without strains and headaches during the daytime. You can also go for power sunglasses if required.


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3. Rucksack Bag

Rucksacks are ideal for all kinds of trips, be it a solo trip or a trip with family. They are spacious and can fit in a lot of things. Also, with multiple adjustable straps, it is quite easy to carry on the back, even with a heavy load.  So pick up a quirky style with some sporty caption maybe.

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4. Leather Utility Pouch

A leather utility pouch embodies both class and usefulness and can help your dad smartly organise basic essentials while travelling. In the pouch, your dad can put shaving essentials, snacks, pens, small notepads, mouth fresheners, etc.

5. Comfy T-Shirt With Travel Quote

A t-shirt with a travel quote will instantly bring a smile on the face of your dad. You can either buy one with a predefined quote or you might also order a customised t-shirt with a quote of your own. The second option is always better as it is personalised.


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6.  Neck Pillow

For long journeys via flight, road or train, a neck pillow will help your dad take naps on the go with utter comfort. It also helps in relieving neck pain and provides good cervical support. You can also gift a sleeping mask with the pillow, as both will make a great ‘sleeping aid’ kit.


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