Feel The Magic As You Try The Unicorn Noodle Bowl At Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu

by Akriti Seth
Feel The Magic As You Try The Unicorn Noodle Bowl At Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu

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Let’s talk about magic noodles that change colours! The Unicorn Bowl in Jeon, Sea Princess is the most magical dish ever and we just love it!

What Is It?

With Starbucks selling ‘Unicorn Frappucinos’, unicorn food has taken the market in a wave.


That wave in Mumbai has made us stumble on to magic noodles in Jeon. Well! Why magic? That’s because they have a colour-changing quality. It goes from blue to pink when in contact with anything acidic or alkaline. And now you must be wondering how? That’s in the next part though!

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Oh! It’s healthy much as the Unicorn Noodle Bowl in Jeon is accompanied with a variety of fresh veggies like mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus and red radish.

Unicorn noodles
Unicorn noodles, Jeon

How’s It Done?

Clear white noodles (glass noodles/spaghetti) are imparted colour with purple cabbage and lemon. The colour depends on the amount of water and the time frame in which the noodles are allowed to sit in water.

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It’s natural and healthy as no synthetic colour is added to make this colourful and love delight. As the noodles don’t quite have a flavour the chef serves it with a mix of mushroom, sprouts, stir friend baby corn and asian infused stir-fried cottage cheese or tofu.

Unicorn noodles
Unicorn noodles, Jeon

About Jeon

Hotel Sea Princess’ Jeon is a 24-hour cafe serving Italian, North Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. Overlooking the pool and the ocean it serves buffets and an a la carte menu to satisfy for taste buds! With a separate kitchen for the vegetarians in the upper floor of the hotel, it aims at serving the purest of ingredients to its customers.

Jeon is certainly one of the best getaways for a luxury dining experience in the Mumbai City.

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What Else?

Keeping the trend in mind, there is also unicorn sushi, unicorn pasta, unicorn shakes and unicorn rice pudding in the menu for y’all to try.


Unicorn Noodle Bowl (₹599)

Where: Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai
When: 24 Hours
How Much: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.)


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