Feel The Thunder & Experience The Magic Of The Tropics At This Rainforest In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 1498

Winter is here in Dubai and that also means, cooler temperature, camping, festivities and much more! We love the bright sunshine, but this time of the year is when we eagerly await the downpour. Well, in case you want to experience some rain and thunderstorm right away in Dubai, head to the Green Planet. Dubai’s indoor rainforest has an incredible thunderstorm experience where you can get drenched, jump in puddles, and have a ball! Read on for more details.

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Jump, Splash & Sing In A Tropical Thunderstorm

Peppa Pig fans can now get a real taste of the fictional cartoon at Dubai’s Green Planet. The rainforest now has a new experience called the Tropical Thunderstorm, happening everyday between 1-5 pm. The new experience gives you a sneak peek of what a thunderstorm would look like in a rainforest.

The storm in the tropics lasts around five minutes and will instantly transport you to the heart of the jungle. Kids can sing, splash, jump and hear the rumbles from thee jungle, making the experience more real. In fact, you can also spot animals playing in the storm and in the rain puddles. Oh and don’t forget to watch the electric flashes of light and feel the wind blowing! The specially designed rain system, combined with high tech audio and visual effects, lets you experience a massive thunder storm right in the heart of Dubai.

In addition, the storm is guided by a Green Planet expert who explains why thunderstorms occur in the tropics and how animals react to it.

And that’s not all! Families visiting after 2 December, can take a trip to the indoor biodome and experience what’s it’s like in the jungle when the sun goes down. The new experience is available every Wednesday between 7pm and 9pm.

Camp In Luxury Tents Or Hammocks At Green Planet

In case you wish to make an overnight stay at Green Planet, opt for the Rainforest’s new camping concept. Titled ‘The Night’, the new experience allows guests to camp in a forest ecosystem, amid 3,000 exotic plants and animals.

Guest can make a booking in advance and enjoy exclusive access to the rainforest’s wonders from 7:00 pm until 8:00 am the next morning, spending the night in one of The Green Planet’s comfortable tents. The stay is valid only on Thursdays and Fridays. On that note, here are 5 Gorgeous Staycations In The UAE For 2020. 

The Night at The Rainforest experience allows guests to check in at 5pm. The stay kicks off with an animal encounter, where you can get up close and personal with birds, fish and many other species in the forest. Kids can also go on a guided scavenger hunt to discover the rainforest’s enchantments, a nocturnal animal tour and watch a nature-themed movie. The evening ends with a sumptuous dinner at the Rainforest themed cafe where you can tuck into salads, burgers, pizzas, pasta dishes and more.

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Most of the animals in the rainforest are nocturnal, so the cover of darkness will bring out some creatures you might not actually get to see during the day. Guests can fall asleep to the soft coos and songs of the rainforest’s exotic birds.

Sleep In 6 Comfortable Tents In The Middle Of The Forest

As for the stay options, guests can get cozy in six tents fitted with comfortable bedding. The smaller tents sleep two people while the larger ones can accommodate two adults and two children. Overnight rates start from AED 700 for two people or AED 1200 for groups for four, and can be booked online.

In case you want to experience a true jungle-like experience, opt for the hammock. You don’t have to fret about safety, as a trained staff member and a security guard will constantly be around to ensure safety.

Wake up to a beautiful morning amidst plants and animals. The first activity in the morning is feeding the animals. Guests get a chance to feed the rainforest’s inhabitants. This is then followed by a sumptuous breakfast spread at The Green Planet Cafe. Check-out is at 8am.

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Safety Precautions At The Green Planet

The Green Planet has put in place a whole lot of preventive measures. All guests must undergo temperature scanning on entry and face masks is compulsory for all guests over the age of six.

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