Finish This 34 Inch Pizza At The American Connection Diner And Win ₹34,000

by Angel Srivastava
Finish This 34 Inch Pizza At The American Connection Diner And Win ₹34,000

If you had always been fascinated by Pop Tate’s diner from Archie’s Comics, then head over to The American Connection Diner and indulge in a straight outta comic kinda meal! American Connection in Kalkaji is allegedly dishing out Delhi’s LARGEST PIZZA & if you finish it, prepare for a massive cash prize.

Image Credits: American Connection

What Is It?

Here’s your opportunity to win a cash prize of₹34,000 at Delhi’s one of the best diner themed restaurants. The American Connection Diner in Kalkaji is serving a 34 inch massive pizza in four different finger-licking flavours and if you can finish off the pizza alone within an hour, you can win a cash price of ₹34,000!

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Image Credits: American Connection

The American Connection Diner is known for serving Delhi’s Largest Pizza, and apart from the tempting cash price, here is every reason you need to head over and indulge in it! The 34 inch pizza is served with four-different toppings- Supereme Veg, Four Cheese, Chicken Alfredo, and the American Connection Special containing pepperoni, bacon, and sausages.

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Image Credits: American Connection

If none of these are your choice of flavours then you can even Make Your Own Pizza and chose the toppings of your choice. It is the perfect food of choice if you are looking to party with a group of large people. The pizza easily feeds up to 15 people, and will be the perfect pick if you are extremely famished!

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Image Credits: American Connection

What’s More?

It’s mot just the 34 Inch Pizza that has got our attention. The American Connection Diner is well known for serving other monster dishes like the giant burger, and their famous monster shake loaded with donuts and brownies. So if you are someone who never backs off from a good food challenge, then The American Connection Diner is definitely the place to check out.

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Think you can take up the challenge? Well, then head straight over to this picturesque restaurant and don’t forget to get all the right pictures for your Instagram feed.

Image Credits: American Connection

Address: The American Connection, F1, 2nd Floor, Kalkaji Main Market, Kalkaji, New Delhi
Timings: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Price: ₹2,400 onward