Finish This 8Kg Bahubali Thali In 40 Minutes & Win ₹8 Lakhs

by Sanjana Shenoy
Finish This 8Kg Bahubali Thali In 40 Minutes & Win ₹8 Lakhs

Foodies, there’s a new food challenge in town to test your love for the food. Are you the ultimate foodie? Well, take part in a food challenge thrown open to all at Delhi’s Ardor 2.1 in Connaught Place. If you can finish the massive 8kg Bahubali Thali in just 40 minutes, you can win a whopping amount of ₹8 lakhs. Here’s what you should know.

Delhi’s Ardor 2.1 Has The Ultimate Food Challenge For Foodies

Food vlogger Rajneesh Gyanion posted a video about Ardor 2.1’s ultimate food challenge on their Instagram page @are_you_hungry007. The food challenge involves one or a maximum of two people having to polish an entire Baahubali Thali, weighing 8kg in just 40 minutes. The video clip showed the food vlogger Rajneesh Gyanion himself taking part in this challenge with his friend. The massive Bahubali Thali served at Ardor 2.1 consists of a large number of North Indian dishes like Dal Tadka, Soya Chaap Masala, Dal Makhani, Dum Aloo, Paneer Tikka Masala, Veg Biriyani, Kadhai Paneer, Papdi Chaat, Kadhi Pakoda, Malai Kofta, Gobhi Matar and an array of other lip-smacking dishes. 

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Polish The 8Kg Bahubali Thali In 40 Minutes & Win ₹8 Lakhs

And if you think this is a lot, we haven’t touched upon the accompaniments and the desserts yet. The Baahubali Thali also consists of sweets like Gulab Jamun, beverages like Rose Sherbet and accompaniments ranging from salads, pickled onions to raita. If you and your friend can finish this gigantic meal in just 40 minutes, win ₹8 lakhs as prize money. Rajneesh Gyanion and his friend were able to finish the meal and also won the amount. So foodies, what are you waiting for? Finish this larger than life meal and show your love for food.


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