Finland Has An ‘Only Women’ Retreat And No Man Is Allowed To Get In

by Kritika Kukreja
Finland Has An ‘Only Women’ Retreat And No Man Is Allowed To Get In

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SuperShe, the island retreat in Finland is being started by an American Entrepreneur and it is a holiday retreat where no ‘man’ is allowed. 

What Is It?

Founded by Kristina Roth, an American Entrepreneur, SuperShe is an island retreat on an island in Finland where no man will be allowed. This ‘only women’ island will open later this year and Roth claimed it would be a female-only relaxing retreat. It will focus on women’s health and other luxuries. 

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How Did The Idea Come Up? 

Roth came up with the idea of a women only retreat since she started noticing that men prove to be a distraction for many women. If a group of women are sitting at a bar and they see some cute guys walk in, they’ll get distracted. Roth also admitted that it would ruin the good vibes of the situation. That’s when the idea of creating a SuperShe came to Roth and she fell in love with Finland. The resort will be available to the members of the SuperShe community, a network group founded by Roth.

What’s In It?

Roth purchased the 8.4 acre island when her partner’s parents purchased the island next to it. This future retreat will comprise of ten cabins for the wellness and care for women guests. The basic idea of this retreat is to encourage women to focus on themselves. Roth also wishes to include yoga sessions, cooking classes and fitness classes. Roth clarifies that the idea of this island isn’t towards man-hating, but women to be self sufficient within themselves. 

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To enroll yourself for this island retreat, you have to register as a member of the exclusive SuperShe community. The island retreat is estimated to be functional by June 2018 and all the details are available on the website

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