First Cheetah Cubs Born In Indian Soil After 70 Years. Adorable Pics Here!

by Shreya Rathod
First Cheetah Cubs Born In Indian Soil After 70 Years. Adorable Pics Here!

The birth of any living being is the beauty of creation and the beginning of something new. The arrival of a new member in the family is a joyous occasion and the same applies to animals! Don’t we all love to look at newborn pups, click pictures and squeal at their adorableness? Something like that has happened at the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh with cheetah cubs! And this picture is the proof.

Newborn Cheetah Cubs Are So Adorable!

Parveen Kaswan, the Indian Forest Officer, has tweeted an extremely adorable picture of the newborn cheetah cubs. He states that a cheetah named Siyaya has given birth to four cute bundles of joy. And it has been over seven decades since India has seen the birth of cheetah cubs. The picture will show you the cutest image of these darlings. They look so small and delicate that you can’t resist being captivated by them.

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And everyone on Twitter is currently in the state of being mesmerised by them. Some of them are even praying for their survival. It is a bittersweet moment as this development has come after the saddening news of Sasha’s demise (one of the African cheetahs). While everyone is downhearted at the news of her demise, this birth has given hope that India will again experience a population of cheetahs.

Wild Cats At Kuno National Park

The beginning of the 20th century witnessed a decline in the cheetah population in Indian reserves and that continued till their extinction. In order to reintroduce cheetahs, the Ministry of Forest and Environment cultivated a cheetah conservation plan with the African-breed cheetahs. And the site selected was Kuno National Park!

The breeding pair, Oban and Aasha, were left in the national park and the authorities were said to keep a watch on them and report their activities. Both were successful in hunting their prey. After this many cheetahs were introduced to the site. And now one of them has given birth to four cubs.

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We hope for many such births of wild cats so that India will have a big cheetah population! This is a new milestone for the Indian government. What are your thoughts about these cute cubs?

Cover Image Courtesy: Parveen Kaswan/ Twitter