Fish N Bait, Mumbai: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

by Natasha Monteiro
Fish N Bait, Mumbai: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

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Adding one more fish to the sea of aquatic cuisine restaurants in Mumbai is Fish N Bait. It’s USP is the fact that they bring water bodies from all 5 oceans to your plate.

Video Tour of Fish & Bait #InAMinute 

Have you seen the 60-second video that sums up the ambience, interiors & the dining experience at Fish N Bait?

No? Then we suggest you scroll up & watch the video!

What Is It? 

What happens when Shiv Sagar, a pure vegetarian restaurant and Mahesh Lunch Home, a seafood joint come together? Well, this odd combination has given birth to a Global Seafood Restaurant called Fish N Bait. Bringing to you seafood from Pacific, Indian, Arabian, Atlantic, Gulf of Thailand, East China Sea, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Mediterranean sea.

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The First Look

Located in the new glass façade Godrej property, Fish N Bait is a cool new addition to the commercial hub swimming with multi-cuisine restaurants.  In a world, full of eclectic styles rushing to please the new-age Instagrammer, there is something calm and soothing in the Fish N Bait interiors.

Fish N Bait
Fish N Bait

Sure, there are quirky elements like the LED display behind the bar and the fish tail-ripple in the walls. We especially love the sand art under the glass-topped tables.

Fish N Bait
Fish N Bait

What To Eat?

We indulged in a range of dishes – some amazing, some good and some average. We’ve got it all listed out for you:

We loved the Thai Clear Prawn Soup and the soothing effect it had on our tummy.

 Thai Clear Prawn Soup
Thai Clear Prawn Soup

Followed by the starters, Spicy Chicken Skewer and Squid Chilly Pepper. We must tell you that Squid Chilli was quite a catch as we could not help but get another serving of it.

Ginger Wine Crab was delicious, but please ask for an apron before you start cracking the claws. And get ready for it to be messy.

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Ginger Wine Crab
Ginger Wine Crab

We were impressed by the presentation of each dish, especially the perfectly cooked Salmon Stroke and Tequila Herb Scented Lobster.

Tequila Herb Scented Lobster & Salmon Stroke
Tequila Herb Scented Lobster & Salmon Stroke

Chicken Sukka with Neer Dosa will take your heart away.

We’re not a sweet tooth as such but we sure did enjoy Calcutta Paan Ice cream and Strawberry Cheese Ice Cream for desserts. The cheese in the latter provided a contrast to the sweetness of the strawberry along with sharpness to the flavours.

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What To Drink?

We tried out the Bahamama and the Coco Beach. If you’re a fan of everything sweet, we highly recommend the Coco Beach which comes with gin and vanilla ice cream blended together. The Bahamama is another signature cocktail that comes with a ginger twist!

Coco Beach
Coco Beach


The eatery has a warm vibe with a lot of natural light coming in. The focus is clearly on the global coastal food and not as much on the fancy interiors. However, the entire decor caters to a more mature audience.

Curly Tales Rating: 3.8/5

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Where: Unit 4, Ground Floor, Jet Airways Godrej BKC, G Block, Next to MCA, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
When: 11 AM to 12 Midnight
How Much: ₹2,700 for two people (approx.)

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