Fond Of Mysteries? These 6 Mysterious Islands Should Be On Your Bucket List

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Fond Of Mysteries? These 6 Mysterious Islands Should Be On Your Bucket List

Are you someone who is fond of mysteries and loves consuming content related to them? Well, why only look at mysteries that are in books, series, or movies when you can witness them live? We have curated a list of some mysterious islands that you might wish to visit some time. While some are known for their haunted factor, others are known for the experience. So take a look and decide!

Mysterious Islands

1. The Island of Dolls, Mexico

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Situated in Xochimico, Mexico, the Island of the Dolls is a hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic location to visit. Numerous dolls, worn and eroded by the weather, hang from trees in their thousands. A local man is said to have placed the dolls there in an attempt to placate the soul of a young girl who drowned in the surrounding canals. Even though the island is now a popular tourist destination, many travelers experience unease and dread. 

2.Hashima Island, Japan

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Off the coast of Japan sits a mysterious, deserted island named Hashima. It is renowned for its tall concrete walls that provide a window into the island’s past and its creepy, abandoned structures. The island was formerly home to a thriving coal mine, but it was abandoned and exposed to the elements when the mine closed in 1974. Visitors can still tour the island’s ruins and catch a peek at the eerie ambiance, even though it is abandoned.

3. Socotra Island, Yemen

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One of the most enigmatic and alluring islands on the planet is the Island of Socotra, which is off the coast of Yemen. It is no surprise that this island has grabbed the hearts of explorers and adventurers for ages, given its distinctive, otherworldly-looking landscapes and tremendous biodiversity. More than 800 plant species, including the well-known dragon’s blood tree, as well as several unusual birds, reptiles, and mammals, call the island home. 

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4. The North Sentinel Island, India

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An intriguing and enigmatic island called North Sentinel Island is situated in India’s Bay of Bengal. The native Sentinelese people’s culture and history have been the subject of conjecture due to the island’s thousands of years of relative isolation from the outside world. A 3-mile exclusion zone has been imposed by the Indian authorities, and anyone found intruding faces legal action. Travelers, adventurers, and historians all find this island fascinating.

5. Vulcan Point, Philippines

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Vulcan Point is a very small and unimportant island. But the thing that makes this little island famous is pinpointing its exact location. Make an effort to comprehend these instructions. Luzon is one of the islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. Taal Lake is a body of water on this island. The second-most active volcano in the Philippines, Taal Volcano, is located within Taal Lake. There is a crater lake inside of this volcano.

6. Snake Island, Brazil

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This tiny island could appear lush and tempting from the security of your yacht. However, the moment you set foot on land, your nightmare will come true. The golden lancehead pit viper is a particularly deadly species, and it has taken over the Brazilian island of Ilha de Queimada. According to estimates, there is one snake for every square meter. Mammals do not inhabit Ilha da Queimada. The migratory birds that stop to rest provide food for the snakes.

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Which of these would you like to visit?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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