Food Blogger Creates Sweet Lassi With Chilli & Chocolate; Shocks The Internet

by Sanjana Shenoy
Food Blogger Creates Sweet Lassi With Chilli & Chocolate; Shocks The Internet

Don’t you just love a nice cold glass of sweet lassi? This churned buttermilk drink has the potential to leave you instantly energised and refreshed. Giving you the best of both worlds- dessert and drink just leave you craving for perhaps another glass. While lassi often experiments with dry fruits, mango, cardamom or rose essence, one food blogger did the unthinkable. He added green chilli and chocolate to his lassi. Just check out the result.

This Sweet Lassi Prepared With Toblerone & Chilli Will Blow Your Mind

A food vlogger who goes by the handle @chillipeppercooks shared a video on Instagram showing his take on the humble lassi. In the video, he first adds one cup of whole milk, a tablespoon of milk powder to a blender. Next, he goes on to add a de-seeded thai pepper chilli that’s dipped in honey. Then, he cuts pieces of Toblerone chocolate and adds them to the blender. Finally, he goes to blend the concoction to prepare a glass of creamy Toblerone Lassi with a chilli kick.

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Now you’ve probably heart of Chilli Chocolate or Spicy Hot Chocolate, but a Chilli Chocolate Lassi? Now that’s new! The video went viral garnering over 359k views and over 20k likes. The vlogger @chillipeppercooks is known to give a fiery twist to classic recipes. From a spicier version of a Shakshouka, Hot Cheetos Chicken Sushi to ramen cup noodles laden with chilli oil, his dishes cater to foodies with a higher spice tolerance. Meanwhile, here are everyday situations that every spicy food lover can relate to.