5 Items To Avoid When You Are Visiting A Food Court At A Mall

by Sanmita A
5 Items To Avoid When You Are Visiting A Food Court At A Mall

Hanging out at malls is what one mostly does when there are no particular plans. It is a common occurrence. After the end of a shopping spree, heading to the food court is the most likely thing to do. After all that hard work, hunger pangs take a genuine rise. Now, with so many brands collectively trying to sell their food to you, it is likely you might be carried away or get interested in some food items that might not be a good idea. Food brands tend to coax you with their offers too.  You should not listen to them and pay attention to your inner voice. You decide what’s best for you. 

Making a healthy choice at food courts becomes a tricky situation. However, there are various ways by which you can avoid unhealthy food options and be mindful while eating at these food courts. 

Foods You Must Avoid While At The Mall

  1. Fried food or generally fried meat shouldn’t be your choice
  2. Fried Indian snacks like samosas or kachoris. They add to your calorie intake and might leave you with a bloated feeling. The mall is a place to relax, and you shouldn’t be feeling sick there. 
  3. All types of burgers with fried fillings. Folks, they will only help you gain extra fats and calories and nothing else. 
  4. Forget the fries and the soft drinks particularly
  5. Craving something sweet to eat? Avoid the cookies, muffins, and pastries

The above food options are a complete NO-NO! They do absolutely nothing but only add to the calories. 

Picture Credits: NDTV.com

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Grab Healthy Food

On the other hand, many brands are serving good food items at the malls as well. Or you can have a healthy food bowl before you head to the mall. And avoid being crushed by the thought of consuming unhealthy meals. 

You may want to look out for ways in which a brand is likely to entice you into purchasing for them. We aren’t denying that you do not grab the coffee that you adore. Understand how brands market themselves or even position themselves keeping your mindset in focus. 

So, be fooled and choose to be healthy! And most of all, enjoy your time when at a mall. 

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