For The First Time In 18 Yrs, Delhi Metro Halts Services Across All Lines Till March 31

by Suchismita Pal
For The First Time In 18 Yrs, Delhi Metro Halts Services Across All Lines Till March 31

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) is going on a termination mode till 31st March 2020 owing to the lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. The railway corp. has taken up this vital step after the issuance of the Delhi Epidemic Diseases COVID-19 Regulations 2020, to ensure that people stay indoors and do not step out unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

What’s More?

The Delhi Metro is the lifeline of the Capital, with an average footfall of over 2 lakhs passengers every month. Allowing people to travel by metro during this hour of emergency can have fatal consequences. There are many among the masses who can test positive for COVID-19, while there are some others who might test negative but are carriers of the infection. Coming in contact with them can be a matter of life and death for thousands of other passengers.

Picture Credit: Jagran

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Delhi Metro has witnessed partial shutdowns before on occasions like Holi, Republic Day and other emergencies. But a shutdown as prolonged as a day or a week didn’t happen in the last 18 years. 

Other Public Transport

Along with the metro, the COVID-19 outbreak has compelled the Govt. to shut down other transportation services as well. No private buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, app-based cabs or e-rickshaws will be permitted on the streets during these days. Only 25% of DTC buses will operate, that too for the commute of those involved in essential services like food supply or healthcare. What’s more, all the motorable borders of Delhi NCT with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have also been sealed to prevent the movement of vehicles. Which means, cars and trucks coming from Gurgaon and Haryana won’t be allowed to enter the city premises now.

Image Credits: India Today

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Citizens are ordered to remain at home during this lockdown period and come out only for basic fundamentals like purchasing groceries and medications within the vicinity of their residences. The Govt. has even declared that whoever is found violating the rules will be penalised under the provisions of law. 

Picture Credit: Khaleej Times

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With 415 people affected, the novel coronavirus epidemic is on the verge of entering stage three in India. Before the country turns into another Italy, the Delhi Govt. is imposing stringent guidelines as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. 

So, it’s time that we socialise virtually, distance ourselves physically and make sanitisers our friends. Parties and get-togethers can wait, coronavirus won’t. So, follow the guidelines and take care.