Mexico Beach Glows Up With Neon Blue Waves

by Suchismita Pal
Mexico Beach Glows Up With Neon Blue Waves

Imagine a coastline sparking up after sunset with millions of electric blue lights, all naturally. We might have come across scenes alike but only in movies, or in dreams maybe. But such a phenomenon occurring in reality, seems incredible, right? What if we say that the magical incident actually happened? The Acapulco beach in Mexico had recently lit up with thousands of numerous glowing blue dots, giving a soothing treat to the eyes of the walkers nearby. The incident occurred along this shore for the first time, after about 60 years.

How Did It Happen?

The illumination, also known as bioluminescence, was actually the result of a biochemical reaction caused by the microorganisms or planktons near the Puerto Marqués bay of the Acapulco city. Soon after the incident, the social media was flooded with photos and videos of the neon blue waves hitting the beach. The waves seemed to be loaded with shining blue pearls. As per sources, these microorganisms weren’t visible this way for long as tourists on ATVs used to run over them. Now, in the absence of those people, the phenomenon has resurfaced again. A man even couldn’t contain his excitement and jumped into the glowing waters amid restrictions.


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What Else?

A few days before, some residents along the Acapulco beach had spotted a majestic whale near the main bay. It was the very first magical sight amid the quarantine. These sightings rightfully prove that the lack of daily human activities can give way to several natural wonders. The residents near the beach were unfortunate and fortunate at the same time. They have been unfortunate, the obvious reason being the pandemic. And fortunate because they got the opportunity to witness sights so spectacular and surreal.

It’s true that no matter whatever mankind does, nature never seems to stop surprising us.