Forget MBA Chai Wala, B.Tech Golgappa Wala In Haryana Will Charm You With His Food

by Sanjana Shenoy
Forget MBA Chai Wala, B.Tech Golgappa Wala In Haryana Will Charm You With His Food

MBA Chaiwala is today a household name. Started by Prafull Billore, from Dhar, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, he lost his passion for MBA which he had been pursuing from Ahmedabad University in 2017. So, he decided to transform his love for chai into a  business, thanks to the motivational books and quotes of business leaders he read. Today, at just the age of 25 years, he is running a ₹4 crore turnover business. Well, now there is another graduate in town who has his own food business in Bihar. Read on to know more.

Rakesh Started B.Tech Golgappa Wala After Quitting His Studies Due To Covid Issues

B.Tech Golgappa Wala is here to give MBA Chaiwala a run for its money. The pani puri stall was started by a vendor named Rakesh, who completed his B.Tech in Madhubani district of Bihar. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rakesh had to, unfortunately, quit B.Tech due to family and financial issues. That’s when he decided to establish his own business and gain financial independence.

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B.Tech Golgappa Wala Located In Manesar, Haryana

Rakesh’s B.Tech Golgappa Wala cart is situated in Manesar, Haryana near the Mane Bus Stand. According to an article by The Tech Outlook, Rakesh opened his pani puri stall just 10 days ago. He sells 4 golgappas for ₹20. With a drive to offer customer satisfaction, Rakesh is on a quest to improve his food as per customer’s regular feedback. Rakesh shifted to Haryana from Madhya Pradesh and aspires to grow his startup from strength to strength. If you love pani puri, here’s a video to find out what type of pani puri eater are you.