Project Chaiwala: A Petite Cafe That Takes Chai Very Seriously

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Project Chaiwala: A Petite Cafe That Takes Chai Very Seriously

Starting the day with a piping hot cup of Karak chai is an age-old tradition followed in the UAE. Its this love for chai that encouraged Ahmed Kazem, and his friend, Justin Joseph to start Project Chaiwala.

Credits: Project Chaiwala Facebook

What’s It?

Project Chaiwala, a petite joint in a quaint corner of Al Quoz opened in September 2018. The cafe is the brainchild of two chai enthusiasts who worked in one of the skyscrapers in Dubai. They were colleagues who worked in the financial sector. It all started off when they bonded over cups of chai while breaking away from hectic schedules and client meetings.

After multiple discussions, the duo realised there was a gap in the city’s chai scene and decided to bridge the gap. Furthermore, they also wanted to give an urban twist to the traditional chai stalls in the city. This was how Project Chaiwala was born.

How They Did It

The duo soon embarked on a journey to Darjeeling to hand-pick organic tea which they brought back to Dubai. They then crafted it into signature concoctions, serving over 20,000 cups at pop-up events in the city. Months later, Project Chaiwala became a go-to for chai lovers in the city.

Credits: Project Chaiwala Facebook

On The Menu

The cafe can comfortably accommodate 30 chai lovers and serves all things yummy. Nestled inside Cinema Akil, the chai cafe boasts a vibe that is hard to ignore. As for the menu, the cafe serves five chai concoctions:

Karak (AED 12)
Masala (AED 15)
PCW Signature (AED 15)
Zaffrani (AED 15)
Suleimani (AED 10)

Credits: Project Chaiwala Facebook

In addition, the cafe also serves organic tea (AED 12), Iced tea (AED 12), Raw Matcha (AED 18) and Matcha Latte (AED 18). Not a chai fan? Try the Nimbu pani (AED 10) or the Turmeric Latte (AED 15).

Food wise, Project Chaiwala’s menu is well-segregated into breakfast, quick bites, wraps, toast and salad. Toast lovers can binge on six varieties of toasts, alongside their favourite cuppa. The cafe is also perfect to grab breakfast. Fitness freaks can fuel up pre-workout with a chia pudding while office goers can pick a wrap-on-the-go.

Like a dash of spice in your food? Go for the chilly cheese toast or a Vada Pav. Team it with chai and you’re breakfast can’t get any better. Got a sweet tooth? Project Chaiwala’s peanut butter jelly/Nutella toast are haven!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and indulge in a hot cuppa and don’t forget to order some munchies!


Location: Unit 68, Cinema Akil, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz
Timings:  12noon – 10pm
Cost: AED 105 for two
Contact: 04 2231139