Indulge In Dubai’s First Tandoori Chai At Hot Sip Cafe

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Indulge In Dubai’s First Tandoori Chai At Hot Sip Cafe

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Chai lovers, this one’s for you! Hot Sip cafe in Meena Bazaar serves pipping hot Tandoori chai, and it’s served in a claypot just like the highway dhabas.

What’s It?

No matter how hot or cold, there is one beverage without which the day just would not kick start. Yes, we are talking about the world favourite Chai! Go around Dubai and you will spot cars lining outside the side of the streets, for an inexpensive cup of pipping hot chai. While we can pick a dozen places that serve the best chai in Dubai, Hot Sip Cafe in Meena Bazaar is the only place in town which serves chai in an earthen clay pot called Kulhad.

What’s In It?

Tandoori chai, as they call it is made using a clay pot, which is kept in a Tandoor for hours, after which chais is served in the same Kulhad. And now, who needs Tandoori chicken when you can get a steaming hot cup of Tandoori chai along with your favorite breakfast! Plus, the chai will just cost you AED 3. 

And that’s not the only thing Hot Sip cafe is famous for. Head here for breakfast or to curb that 4:00 pm hunger and you will be spoilt for choice. Their Breakfast menu has a good mix of South and North Indian dishes ranging from Masala Dosa to Ghee roast, meethi paratha, koki paratha, cheese paratha, puri bhaji and much more.

If you’re feeling a little peckish, opt for combo sandwiches -they are stuffed with lip-smacking patties. They also have yummy sides like chicken popcorn, french fries, onion rings, and potato wedges. Need more? Try their chaat, burgers or the signature paratha sandwiches. 

Now, the best part – you can enjoy all of this without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have AED 25, head to this old-fashioned cafe and you can enjoy a King-size meal.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Meena Bazaar also has a whole lot of other street-side eats which are perfect to fuel up after shopping. And in case you are craving a delicious Indian thali, then Joshi restaurant at Meena Bazaar is just where you must head. Pay up a small amount of AED 20 and enjoy a sumptuous thali!


Location: Opposite Dubai Museum, Bur Dubai, Meena Bazaar
Timings: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
Cost: AED 45 for two
Contact: 0503346738